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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]

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Ever wondered what happens when you mix a 20 year old engine and cutting edge material generation tech? 🤔 I guess we're about to find out...

Project Novo is listed in the Credits of PLEASE READ ME.HTML found in the main directory of HU V9.

Then it's increasingly likely that some aspects were used for HU  Nice spot Wombat and Shakealeg! 

Posted Images

Ghost Recon 2.0?

I can see your skills there, very neat.

Texturing is really hard, never know what itll look like at the end...

Wish u goodluck.

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Thanks for the kind words pagey! :thumbsup:

I thought because it was a retexture it would come under skin modding, you can move it to a better fitting forum if you want ;)

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I have tried to cipher what billboard effect, decal or .rsbs' are connected to these type of explosions.

Any idea?

th_M1A1.jpg th_Howitzer.jpg

Good job on the fire effect Alex. Liked the breaking glass one too.

Ghost skins look good with their new web gear and camo. :thumbsup:

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Finished a HUD design, but I'm not going to show anyone until Apex has okay'ed the color change on the compass, as he has said yes to using it, but nothing of editing it ;)

Oh and mission 2 day and night are ready for testing but I'll leave it until i've got a few second onions on mission 1 ;)

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I am loving the new textures, adds a nice new look to the classic title. However, I am not too keen on the new ground textures they look very un-natural. Other than that, great work Zee! :thumbsup:

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New Screenshots:





Map Retexturing Update:

M02/DP02_Farm is as far as I know, finished I'll be uploading sometime tomorrow after one final run through to make sure everything is spiffing! or, at least spiffing enough :P might do a last minute update of the hay bales.

I have now started work on M03_RRbridge, so far it's going well, but some of the textures are a bit awkward to change, others, i can't understand what they are, so i have resorted to High pass sharpening, noise reduction and then another unsharp mask until I either see them in game or find out what they are.

Having said that, as you can hopefully see in the last two screenshots, it's going smoothly. i've retextured the bridge, not all of it yet, but enough of it. those who tested before this became a full blown project would have met the cliff textures before, and i am glad to announce to you, the ghastly detail texture i used then, has been replaced. The House at the start has been given an update, as has the sandbags, the Ammo boxes next the the guns have been renewed and the cow car stationed on the railway has also been renewed with a painstaking hand conducted door texture that still doesn't look right.

these are all things you aren't allowed to see until it's finished or unless you decide to work on a few textures yourself.

Other Updates:

For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will know that I recently changed the HUD to something (a tad) cleaner

You can see it here in this post!

A few new weapons will be added to the game.


1) Is there a way of forcing Anti-aliasing on Ghost Recon with Nvidia and ATi cards?

2)Desert Camo: A-TACs, Multicam, Pencott, ACU or BDUs?

For those who are unfamiliar:





Pencott Sandstorm:


ACU (I hope):




OR should all of them be included and the user chooses which one he/she wants? (this will apply to all environments if so.)

I may start a poll about that tomorrow...

That is all for tonight ;)

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If I could not identify where a texture was used in the game I have resorted to applying a large text layer to the texture then go into game to see where it is used.

I like the new ground texture much better. :thumbsup:

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