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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]


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"Скорая помощь" - This is civil name.

"Госпиталь" - This is the correct military name.

You can blame red storm for that, I haven't changed it yet, it didn't need to be, and seriously, does it matter? it means the same thing.

M01 looks great and clean.

M02 is pleasant but doesn't look much different.

M03 is nice.

M04, I love the water.

M05 is great, looks like a beautiful modern city.

M07 is awesome, I love the fog in the biggest picture, very nice.

M08 is good.

M09 is hard to tell any difference, I really like the lightning though.

M10 is pretty neat.

M11, can't say, I never liked the map anyway. But that doesn't mean you did a bad job :)

Where's M12-13?

M14 is fantastic, I love that it actually looks like a snow map instead of a bit whitish-woodland.

Good job and good luck!

thanks riley, like i said, you will notice a difference in mission 9 as you play it, seeing as most of it is water and trees, there's nothing to be marvelled at.

Mission 12 and 13, i will be doing those retextures later on, they seemed okay compared to the other maps, but i will do them if i have time.

Wooooooooow, fantastic work so far as shown by the preview shots. Can't wait to try the missions out and see how they look.

thanks :thumbsup:

Amazing work and very polished looking project, lov'n the classy updates.

thank you rocky ;)

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who would like to see a closer look at Mission 9 with comparison Screenshots? maybe even the actual map

It doesn't look very improved on the image previously posted, the boat was the big letdown I think but that's been changed to a mossy version of mission 7's boat now, so it's vastly improved.

Toss a Grenade into the water on stock ghost recon, don't like it? well, I'm going to try and change that! :D

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haha, yeah the General type 14 looked very "Atari Lynx" :lol: I'm going to have another crack at my incomplete version before I give it to anyone and keep it as simple as possible this time, if it's too complex it won't look right, so there's a chance it won't be Napalm and rather much like a missile explosion. Napalm's a bit overkill for just one T80 anyway, if it was several T80s and 10s of men escorting, then it's a bit more probable

Just had a little play about with the alpha channel on mission 4's river:



very solid and opaque looking.



Uses transparency based off of the Image itself to provide more realistic water opacity while retaining the fake light reflection effects.

you likey?

if you do I'll quit obsessing with changing the channel settings every 2 seconds.

closer look at mission 9 incoming.

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thank you both :thumbsup:

had a retry of the Napalm effects not long after messing about with the river.

the first 8 in the sequence have been done and this is the result ingame:


In the one below you can see my old attempt begin to pop through:


any good?

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Yes much better then the first attempt from a couple of months ago.

WIP on Riverbed map.



Copied a skybox model. Renamed them to make several versions and have assigned some new skybox textures to them for the DS maps I'm doing. Didn't want DS skyboxes bleeding over to Origmiss or IT maps.

Developed an aversion to re-texturing but I think I'm ready to have at it again.

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maaaybe, I'm going to upload mission 9 and the billboard FX tomorrow, as not many people can see a difference looking at the images I posted of the mission and it will show just how crap my animation skills are :P

Wombat, you got anything for the Riverbed? oh by the way, reminds me of the first few missions of Operation Flashpoint: Red River :P

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Link for Novo_DP01_Stronghold


I have not finished Riverbed.

Has anyone used the Nvidia Normal Map Filter plugin in Photoshop on any GR textures.

I have used it occasionally on some of the DS textures.

I de-saturate the output and then use it as an overlay or soft light layer over the base texture.

Additionally, I will mess with the opacity if needed.

Any advice appreciated.

Alex for the time being I wouldn't compile DP01 with your work.

I may make changes to it and have already made changes to previous

uploads of mine. It will save you the need to strip out any files I have renamed.

For example: New skybox models and associated textures.

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hmm, i'm intrigued, does it fade at distance ingame?

The rock cliffs in DP01 have the Normal Map Filter applied to them.

The effect is not as strong at a distance. In the DP01 example it might be

too strong close up.

Another example are the boulders in DP03 Creekbed.

Forgot to mention that Novo_DP01_Stronghold is setup as its own mod.

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been sitting here for god knows how long on D02 running back and forth while looking at a rock, normal map filter on that one?

i've gotta say Wombat, what you've done here is pretty revolutionary!

I've got a screenshots ready for your retexures to be Showcased, i'll be at those through the week.

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