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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]

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Ever wondered what happens when you mix a 20 year old engine and cutting edge material generation tech? 🤔 I guess we're about to find out...

Project Novo is listed in the Credits of PLEASE READ ME.HTML found in the main directory of HU V9.

Then it's increasingly likely that some aspects were used for HU  Nice spot Wombat and Shakealeg! 

Posted Images

before i shoot off to watch TV:


Something to look forward to in BETA 6

i hope you look forward to having it anyway, it needed changing though the old one was just too bleugh! i will be tweaking it tomorrow, got a couple of things that need sorting.

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oh one more thing, FINALLY GOT THE NEW SOUNDS WORKING!!!! :D thanks to Ace_coh for converting, these will be early tests for Ghost Recon infinity unless you really want these now :P

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Want them now!!! :P

Good work, and epescially the urban GRAW guys are looking amazing ;) What with some GRAW guys in desert skins though? Love them!

Cool stuff though, also Diaz is a big upgrade! :)


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I'm all but finished with DP01 Stronghold.

I have changed several skyboxes. Going through them now copying a skybox model and then renaming it.

Then assign the textures with Mike Schell's skinner. Most of the new skyboxes have their own sun flare so I needed

a skybox model with no sun flare. There are several I could have used but in some cases they apply to more then one map.

I don't want my stuff to bleed over into another map unintentionally.

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Project Novo has a novo logo! see what i did there? no?

swiftly moving on...


the original "PN" design, has been scrapped for this one.

Do you like it?

P.S A release date poll will be started later ;)

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Oh, the ghost guys have been downgraded ready for Beta 6, which you will see a link to in the near future, I’m terribly sorry for the delays.

that means you will have to remove Beta 4/5 from your system prior to extraction.

wait, nearly 10,000 views? seriously!? wow, that's quite allot by my standards :P

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Okay some moderate news that may help the convenience of the release date.

I've recently started Retextuing an open source combat flight simulator (it won't take up too much time) so with these two running along side eachother, they will work along slower, BUT i have something tomorrow that will hopefully be good for you all to see. ;)

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Little Update:

Beta 6 won't be coming...

yes I know this trick is getting old now :P

Reason being is you are going to get the bare bones of Ghost Recon's retextured maps (EXCLUDING mission 12,13 they will be done later on) Mission 15's status is currently unknown I need to ask tinker something. a few miscellaneous improvements have been made here and there too (ACU US army Npcs, new browning M2 texture, daylight Vilnius (photoshop darkmap experiment)

I'll let you be the judge of the improvements as of when as I have been staring at the re-textured maps for way too long.

for now have a look at these:

First 5 you already know about but mission 1 has undergone improvements.


if this is seen as moved or deleted, it's not, use this URL






Mission 6 HAS BEEN done, but photobucket seems to pass up errors when I upload it's image


(little note on this, the BG image's grass is no longer full colour, as it turns the river green, I know, weird, but the texture itself has not changed)


this one seems to hold the least improved look, despite most of the map being carefully re-textured, I did switch the fog off to get the background image, don't freak too much! :P anyone is free to look at and improve upon this one.


this image is deceptive in my honest opinion, the swamp water texture has been updated, the mud texture looks like sludgy swampy mud, unlike the generic stock texture. the house has been re-textured and the camo netting has been vastly improved. all of the shack textures have been improved, some even have little holes in them.


you might see a difference with this one, some textures were too much of a bother to retexture (the church and the cathedral for instance)

biggest improvement on this is the University building, the square buildings may not look very gritty or anything like the old ones, i based them off actual photos, and they are that kind of eggshell colour, dirtying them up is hard, as it makes the texture look seamed and weird.


these textures hold a lot of depth and they are very high resolution, still a bit to go though ;)


I loved working on this one, admittedly the road textures were infuriating as the transition will not match with the snow. but it was pretty fun :P

NOTE: there is a frosty grass version of this map in the EXTRA folder for those who liked the original grass version, images incoming, I'm still working on it :blink:

Wombat's maps will be shown in the limelight like this as well, but I've literally just finished these off.

'NOTHER THING I didn't know what I was thinking on Thursday, this mod is complete top priority, it will remain so until it is finished and we are all happy. THEN I will move on to the Flight Simulator.

There is still a lot to be done until I hand this out, need to make sure everything is spiffing and working correctly. I might do a few trees too. and figure out what's up with a few textures.

Anyway love to know what you think of what you see there.

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M01 looks great and clean.

M02 is pleasant but doesn't look much different.

M03 is nice.

M04, I love the water.

M05 is great, looks like a beautiful modern city.

M07 is awesome, I love the fog in the biggest picture, very nice.

M08 is good.

M09 is hard to tell any difference, I really like the lightning though.

M10 is pretty neat.

M11, can't say, I never liked the map anyway. But that doesn't mean you did a bad job :)

Where's M12-13?

M14 is fantastic, I love that it actually looks like a snow map instead of a bit whitish-woodland.

Good job and good luck!

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