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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]


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thanks for the upbeat message. I can create any sound you like, make theme songs, wind, blasts, firing guns, etc etc.

I need to know what exactly is the format you would need them in: mp3/mp4/aac/etc etc. And is there a time limit to sound clips.

Anyway: some food for thought already. I will pm you my email, makes things a bit easier. Just for the sake of it: check the link, download it and give it a listen.




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The bulk of sounds are

mono, 22050Hz, 16 bit PCM (.wav)

Music has the same properties but can be stereo.

From the voice folders they are

mono, 22050Hz, 16 bit PCM (.wav)

However the Male Voice 3 folder is 11025 HZ. Don't know why.

If sounds are changed but the file name remains the same there is no need to reconcile these files with the Sound Volume Editor in Igor. The sound volume editors function is to write an effecs.xml to your sound folder.

If sounds are created using new file names then it is necessary to reconcile them with the Sound Volume Editor in Igor.

Let us say you have both types in a sound folder. Sounds using original file names and sounds with new file names. Separate these into folders for each type(the names of the folders is up to you). When using the Sound volume Editor it will ask for a folder to be reconciled. Direct it to the folder with new file names. Directing it to the folder with original names will cause a conflict as these files are entered in an effects.xml in Origmiss, MP1 or MP2 already.

How to place sounds on a map is covered in Advanced_Igor_Guide(part2).pdf page 121. http://www.ghostreco...act=view&id=746

IIRC the maximum volume for sounds being placed on a map is 1. Increasing this value will not make the sound play louder.

However the volume can be lowered by using a value less then 1 such as .5.

Good job on the mp3 Koelshooter

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The Heavy 376Mb 7z for BETA 4 is being uploaded.

however i feel i may have missed something...

oh well!

What you get:

[*] Updated Mission 1, 2, 3 files (road has been fixed on mission 3, DP02 has a new detail texture that is full colour. mission 1 has a brighter ground texture.)

[*]Mission 4 with updated textures (hasn't changed much from the one you tested a while back, subtle differences)

[*]Two Exported standard ghosts to try out (there is an issue i know about with the hands)

[*]Alicia Diaz character to test (read known issues.jpg please!)

[*]Wombat's amazing Desert maps.

[*]I recently realized i hadn't put the new menu files where i thought i did, they are there now, no means to brag but they look better than the old ones. there are also alternate ones from Wombat50 there too.

Once extracted the file should be about 1.2GB in size my apologies for it's size, i have optimized it as much as possible and i may look into getting it put into an .exe format for windows users.

When my Connection stays stable for more than 10 minutes i might actually get somewhere!

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yes i know they are mac unfriendly, i plan to get the 7z smaller too, but the .exe does compress it last time i checked, these damn uploaders are having NONE of it! i need a more reliable uploader than the crap out there :angry:

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I see no great advantage in using a .exe to install any mod.

I much prefer a .zip, rar or 7z archive.

IIRC an .exe is Mac unfriendly.

Just say'n

Also some AV programs detect .exe as potential threats !! there are some mods in the DL section my NOD32 will not let me DL as they have installers. Im with Wombat i much prefer zip, rar or 7z

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okay, i'll stick with 7z but it's a pain in the ass to upload. I was away from the PC yesterday because of a silly accident so i wasn't able to optimize the file much.

has everyone who wants to test BETA 4 got the BETA 3 files?

Edited by Zeealex
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no that's Beta 2 i can't edit the post unfortunately.

BUT Beta 4 is Cumulative so if you download that you'll have updated maps up to mission 4 on Origmiss and all of Wombat's Desert maps.

i asked about BETA 3 incase i had to put BETA 4 up as a patch type.

Edited by Zeealex
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D/l'ed Beta 4 and will have a look see.

I have commented on earlier versions. It would be helpful to me to know what is the new content added.

That way I won't have to go over ground already covered.

Not a demand Alex, merely a request.

Just say'n

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no worries, they are just a few bits n bobs that have been sorted really, DP02's ground texture controls colour now instead of the darkmap, the pig pen's textures been changed and the sun's flare should be smaller.

on mission 1 the ground's darkmap has been lightened and the cave floor texture agrees with the cave walls.

mission 3's road texture is now seamless

and you have mission 4

there are new smoke effects, muzzle flash effects and mist effects along with new wound textures (i think they were in the zip when i uploaded) and a new neater menu screen. the ones you made have been placed in as alternate menu screens ;)

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Thanks Alex.

The main menu.rsb's by me were just a lark so it is not necessary to include them from now on.

I have hit the wall on a couple of maps. Nothing I do seems to suit me. I'm going to set them aside

and come back to them later.

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May have only hit the high spots but some thoughts on Beta_4.

-Like the main menu.rsb's very much.

-GRAW character a very nice addition.

-GR has a tendency to be a tad dark IMO. You appear to have corrected this in M01, M02 and M03.

I'm guessing you may have adjusted the levels of the plants as well on these maps?

I think M04 could use some level adjustment to brighten it up. This can be a double edge sword as the more the ground is lightened the more the repeat pattern of the texture is noticeable.

-I like the OPFOR and UN skins. Levels are about right and your work is enhanced. I still believe the ghosts skins need some level adjustment as they are to dark to me.

-Fire effect for destroyed tank is great.

-My rail car texture from D03 has turned up on M03. I can rename the texture in the D03map file with a hex editor so this won't be an issue. May have done it for the water tower as well.

DP02 is my favorite so far.

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