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Full Ghost Recon 1 Retexturing [Project Novo]


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Hello peoples!

As some of you know I recently settled down to re-texture nearly everything possible in the original Ghost Recon maps.

Well, it's still going strong and I have high hopes for it's completion, as no scripting is involved and I have now decided to extend the project to nearly everything in the whole game, I hope to leave no .rsb unturned it's creation!

There will still be the retextured map polls, but rather than going on a few screenshots, a zip file containing the map in question will be linked in the topic and you will then be able to download, test and hopefully :fingersx: enjoy! ;) said Zip file will be updated if anyone speaks out about it.

I would LOVE it if this project was community driven, so if you have the free time and/or the suggestions feel free to chip in! :thumbsup: if *cough* WHEN *cough* the mod reaches the finish line I will do a final re-texture of all the menu screens and your name will be listed on there, as well as in the readme file.

I will operate a "what you put in is what you get out" sort of system with this. EVERYONE who chips in, whether it's Advice or art, will get their name in the Readme, but the top contributors (decided on the extent of the work produced/Advice Given) to the mod will get their name on the menu.

I know this does not sound like much but it can mean a lot to some people.

However, if no one chips in, and I just get the lovely testers that's fine, it just means that perhaps the project will chug along a little slower and some aspects may not be done.

The re-texturing will be of:

  • Ghost Recon SP and MP maps.
  • Desert Siege SP and MP maps.
  • Island Thunder SP and MP maps.
  • This includes relighting and new Skies IF anyone will be able to do it.

  • Ghost Recon Character Skins.
  • Desert Siege Character Skins.
  • Island Thunder Character Skins.

  • If anyone is willing to lend a hand, Effect textures.

  • Vehicle Textures

  • Menu Screens
  • The HUD

    I will also be Grateful if the mod could get testers of ANY experience

Current Screenshots:





Nothing I repeat NOTHING in this mod is final, if you feel there is something that needs to be changed don't be afraid to say so! :D

You don't need Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to get involved in this project, the least you will need is Ghost Recon 1 and a voice wanting to be heard.

So if you are interested in joining in, just drop a post in with what you are willing to help with (this includes testing/advice) and I will PM you with a link to the Current build of the mod and note you down for the credits.

The skins you see in the screenshots will also be part of a Separate mod, for those who do not want the maps for whatever reason.

Apologies if that sounded cheesy or what the heck at any point.


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I might have a few maps that have not been released that may come in handy. Retextured and converted from either day to night, or night to day. New skyboxes, complete with all new environmental sound files added. Relit using the lighting tool. Will dig through my files over weekend.

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I love this game! i just felt like sharing it because of the way it handles some of the effect textures, take a look at this lighting effect:


if you missed it, i have a looping one here:


I've put it in the spoiler code because i know how distracting looped gifs can be.

Those screenshots were taken in succession of each other as the lighting effect triggered, i have not done anything to the effect to make it do that, the engine is doing it itself, such a wonderful thing!

Obviously that version you see is not final, as it is HUGE, and unsharp, but i was amazed at the way the game handled this!

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Wow, amazing lightning effects, Alex! Mind if I use that in the next GRHU? :)

yes, of course you can Apex!however i am trying to perfect it at present, to balance size and quality :thumbsup:

@Rocky, thanks glad you like them ;)

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More then any other textures the ones that need addressing most are ground and water textures.

Most of the ground textures are really pixelated. Some set up a noticeable pattern at a distance.

The water you did on the Farm map was fantastic! A vast improvement.

IMO most water textures scroll too fast but this can be taken care of with the RSB editor

by using the scrolling tab in the property editor.

Some maps have a tendency to be too dark as far as the ground is concerned. A good example is DP02 Farm. This was an RSE conversion of night to day so that may have been the reason.

This can be improved by doing a levels adjustment on the 02_farm_grounddmdp02_farm_day.rsb or any other grounddm textures for other maps.

A daunting task to retexture all the RSE maps. Good luck with this. :thumbsup:

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yeah the ground textures just look like little pixelated lines when in use. and because their resolutions are tiny, they create this pattern you speak of, the water textures are dull and noisy. but that will hopefully be no more ;)

i will be adjusting the ground colouring textures too.

Thanks wombat. :)

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