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Blackfoot Studios Prize Draw

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Listen up Ghost!

GhostRecon.net and BFS (Blackfoot Studios) have teamed up to give away cool swag! Care package inbound. Read your mission briefing below for more details:

The first prize winner will receive a Steam key for the brand new GR:FS game.

Second and third place winners will receive brand spanking new BFS hats and t-shirts. Wear them on the shooting range or during a gaming session and be the envy of all your friends.

Rules for Entry:

Head over to www.kickstarter.com/projects/670743543/ground-branch between now and July 6th and make a contribution for the new tactical shooter Ground Branch. Contribution amount does not influence drawing.

Post in this thread after you make a contribution and your name will automatically be entered to win one of these great prizes. Upon completion of the successful Kickstarter campaign, Rocky will randomly select the winners and they will be notified in this thread.

No chit chat in this thread please, ENTRIES ONLY.

About Ground Branch: REALISTIC HEALTH SYSTEM: No regenerating health here. Our system allows a player to bandage a non-life-threatening wound, however you will not be able to regain health at any time in a match though, only stop it from getting worse. Respawns will depend on the game mode and server settings.

WOUNDING SYSTEM: Not everyone comes out clean. Depending on what kind of projectile hits you, the speed of it, your body armor coverage, or the location of impact in your body (vitals, non-vital areas), your player will be effected. Wounds modify in-game abilities by various degrees. Adverse effects like stumbling if shot while running, staggering and limping when wounded, directly effect your combat effectiveness in game.

MORE THAN DEATHMATCH: Not everyone cares for basic deathmatch, and needs a bit of strategy to have fun. Good News: Our main gametype is a variation of "Assault", where one team defends and protects a series of objectives, while the other attacks and attempts to gain ground. This gametype is included to provide a challenge to players, by forcing them to come up with dynamic strategies against a dynamic opponent.

SERVER TOOLS: Players will be able to host servers however and wherever they want. Admins will have control over camo patterns, gear availability, allowed weaponry, and basically every other setting we can think of or support. We miss this amount of player customization, and we support it. Period.

MOD SUPPORT: As far as we're concerned: modding is the lifeblood of PC gaming. Full modding support will be available very soon after launch. We are committed to supporting the mod community to the best of our abilities, for the lifetime of the product, and look forward to the content our community will create. We will not only support it in the sense that the engine is capable of it, but we will go out of our way to provide various asset libraries, and we will showcase quality mods on our website.

THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND THE GAME: We are a FULL licensee of EPIC Games Unreal Engine 3 and utilize the the most up-to-date builds. We have also licensed Speedtree from IDV,Inc. and a licensed AI solution is planned.

Please visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/670743543/ground-branch and www.groundbranch.comfor more information.

About Blackfoot Studios: BlackFoot Studios LLC, based in Columbus Ohio, was founded in 2004 by John Sonedecker, a 15 year industry veteran developer who has been involved with some of the most prominent and successful realistic tactical shooter franchises. John was one of the key original members of Red Storm Entertainment, an originator of the Squad Based Tactical Shooter genre. The studio has also contracted its talents to various projects for high profile developers and publishers. The studio also maintains working relationships with various arms of the US Military such as the US Army, US Air Force and United States Special Operations Command.

BlackFoot Studios is a small "high speed, low drag" independent studio whose goal is to fill a void in the style of games many would call ‘Classic’ tactical squad based gaming; As well as develop gaming products that cater to the “thinking gamers” of the tactical first person shooter genre. The studio was founded with very specific principals on game and level design that aims to appeal to the realistic ‘Classic’ tactical oriented audience, while still maintaining an incredibly fun and non-frustrating experience.

With the Studio's talent for creating challenging realism while maintaining fun game play, gamers will find themselves in an immersive virtual world of military Special Operations, with never before presented perspectives and gameplay.

BlackFoot Studios is a proud supporter of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Disclaimer: BFS staff are not allowed to enter. BFS and John Sonedecker are not in any way associated with Ghostrecon.net, GR:FS, Red Storm or Ubisoft. Competition sponsored by EasyCo.

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KS: SnowFella, in for the super-fan edition

Bout time I pulled a finger out and pledged! :thumbsup: Need another shirt badly as the Aussie sun hasn't been kind to my other 2 BFS shirts...the 2 caps are holding up fine even with me using one every day. :yes:

Edited by SnowFella
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