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This is about to drive me insane. After tedious hours of scripting a mission on CP02 Island map, I realize that AI can see through the walls of the cave. Not just the walls, mind you, but all the way through it. When I'm in the caves and they are outside above me or by the coast, they shoot me. Their bullets go right through all the walls and nail me as if the walls weren't there. I have tried setting the spotting range and such for my new .env to that of the original, but it did nothing. Is this a glitch with this map because it is for TvT? I really hope not because I've spent a lot of work on this map. If it can't be fixed, is there a workaround?

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BIt late on the reply but still...

I think there can are two possibilities here:

1) there's a bug in the map causing the AI to miss a portal. In that case strange things happen and AI (or players for that matter) can look into other rooms and take a shot. Only way to fix this is to put your AI on a different position so they don't miss the portal.

2) I don't have the manual anymore but with the RSB-editor you can see if the texture is setup for "shooting-through". I believe you can set it not to penetrate from both sides, making any plane with that texture unpenetratable.

Hope this helps.

(Edit: typos)

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