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Rocky will be doing a trial run in preparation for upgrading the forums this evening (04/06/12 GMT), if all goes well the forums will be off line for about 4 hours.

The upgrade process is quite complex so unforeseen problems can arise leading to a delay in getting the forums back online.

If we are not back up and running after 4 hours then please be patient as we will be working hard to minimise any delay.

Thanks for you understanding,


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Awesome, you can earn Warning Points now, I got two! :))

You always could earn warning points it was just displayed differently on the old forums. Your point level is only visible to you and staff...

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I'm gonna miss the old GR look.

My best friend always tells me change is good, I reply, not always.

I have screenshots of the old skins, I might try and get something akin to them for you old timers.....

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Well, it is certainly different looking. It feels like there is lots of wasted space at the top of each page though. *shrug*

The text is readable, the colours do seem to fit. Seems ok.

Interestingly the background of the logo image at the top is veeeery similar to one of the Mac OS X 10.3 default background images. But the lines do not perfectly line up in it's current form. :P Close though, sneaky guys. I see wat u did thar.

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sweet! something i can certainly get used to! hey can i design a new banner for it? sorry i sound cheeky :P

Not cheeky, thanks for the offer. The plan is to make it like the previous forum, the default site banner will go right at the top with all the nav links below it. So that logo you see at the moment is only temporary.

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