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GRAW2 Props


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Yup, they can be detonated either by the AI (enemy) or the player you can choose which depending on the type of trigger that is used, I also use them to destroy certain props so you can also detonate them from the script.

Been using these since I started modding in 2009 :)

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No but the land mines have always been there but they never worked until Davros (one of our consultants) fixed them.

Ubi included them with the game and they were available in the editor but for some reason they never worked.

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Good feedback, seems im coming up with stuff and areas you've already been to...lol.

The last thing we need in GRAW 2 is any more crashing or bugs thats for sure.

You got me more determined to come up with more unusual ideas now....ha ha ha.


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Hahaha....nice. :yes: Any idea is welcome!

Some things you come up with sound great and I have had a few of these too, but they simply can't be done because there are these #$^% limitations of the game/engine. Having said that, there have also been ideas that, with a bit of tinkering, made it into the game.

Lets hear those unusual ideas! :flowers:

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Wow Spike, thats awesome....congrats.

Was listening to your comments on the vid and I was going to suggest the alarm thing, but the other way around.

Like similar missions in ARMA 3, searchlights are already lit and functioning in enemy compounds at night. What I would suggest is that if the beam of light on any searchlight hits a player, then this sets of the compound alarm.

Also, this light when it hits the player, could set off a chain of events, such as activating static floodlights when detected from the searchlight and also calling in extra enemy forces due to alarm going off.

Again.....great work.


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