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My requests to the devs


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Overall the game is solid. The cover system hands down is the best thing in this game. Great job!

My two biggest requests go forward (and they're really things that were in previous versions and for some reason removed for GRFS).

1)Please give us some level of room setup options when we run private rooms. Allow us to turn on/off things like launchers, and UAVs like all previous GR titles

2)Love that you gave us siege but please open up the maps larger and PLEASE make the defend point move around the map at the start of each round like the starting point for the attacking team moves. Again, just like blind siege of past GR games.

We play a lot of siege and love it but overall the playable map areas in siege are small and combine that with the UAV , launchers and UCAVs it's just not as great as it could be.

Thanks for listening.

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