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Fix the UAV (Petition)

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A) if the UAV is on the move, that means the Engineer is parked somewhere,not firing at anybody, not throwing sensors at the front line where they are most valuable, and not doing much to help with objectives... basically a living spawn point... if you can find them, its an easy stun and data hack most of the time.

B)It's a moving UAV and hard to shoot...use the Noob tube with the EMP rounds, easy as pie to knock down, EMP grenades work as well, just little bit harder to hit.

C) Jammer makes the UAV useless as stated before, and having 2 lvl 50 engineers under my belt (1 UCAV and 1 Sentry Gun) I can say that you can take some satisfaction that it annoys the hell out of the Engineer when you knock it down or Jam it...after all, that's a big factor in his match XP and process of leveling up, And yes the worst is piloting it and getting data hacked.

D) Sentry Guns Chew up UAV's

E) If the UAV is stationary, he basically parked it and is on the move, in that case just shoot it down, its stationary after all.

F) regarding the UCAV its a one trick pony, 6 frag rounds and it takes 3 to kill, the blast it makes is very distinctive and there is a slight pause before each launch so yes, you have to scatter, comes with 2 emp rounds but after that it's nothing, doesn't detect or mark... your only fear should be if the ENG. with the UCAV is in a team up with a Rifleman with ammo boxes equipped (which in my opinion a lot of Riflemen dont drop a whole lot of).

Quick matches with randoms atm are still very selfish and havent evolved to a solid teamwork playstyle, how many times have you been wounded and in cover next to a teammate and not been healed? the incentive is there, that's 500 quick xp for him. situations may arrive where he is under fire and can't let his guard down to do it, but we all know of a moment when no one was around and someone just passed you by and ignored the heal.

Understand that Intel is king in this game, a data hack against your team can make it down right hard to cap an objective and costs your team dearly, same with the UAV and the Sensor.

Not posting because of my time spent as an engineer and touting the strength of the class, just posting my observations.

my experiences with quick matches with randoms are pretty easy to dissect, no intel equals a match lost most of the time...but not always. a team with too many scouts parked up on the overpass spawn trying to snipe the street almost always loses.

Currently liking my lvl 31 scout, very utilitarian, snipe on mill and harbor, bring an SMG to underground and sandstorm, pack smoke grenades (I use a Thermal scope) and an emp launcher...watck the kill information, no sentry kills or UCAV showing up, switch to the noob tube, i don't use it cuz it's easy to spam, I use it when a rifleman knows what class im playing and I'm stuck pinned down and he starts to move on me with no fear because he can drop me before I can drop him... thats when the noob tube evens things out a little bit, not always, but sometimes.

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