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[PS3] GRFS: Project Silent Whisper™ Tournament

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Elite Battle Zone™ LLC, is proud to announce GRFS: Project Silent Whisper™ Tournament.

GRFS: Project Silent Whisper™ will pit clan vs. clan in intense strategic military structured wars 2 times a week for 6 weeks. Each clan will fight as Home team 6 times and Away team 6 times. All wars will take place at 9:00 pm est Tuesday & Thursday of each week.

Tournament Timeline

Applications Open: Sunday May 27, 2012

Applications Close: Saturday June 30, 2012

Invitations Posted: Sunday July 1, 2012

Invitations Accepted: Thursday July 5, 2012

Rules Meeting: Sunday July 8, 2012

Tournament Starts Week 1: Tuesday July 10, 2012

Tournament Ends Week 6: Thursday August 16, 2012

Playoff Round 1: Tuesday August 21, 2012

Playoff Round 2: Thursday August 23, 2012

Championship Match: Tuesday August 28, 2012

Click below link to read the Rules of Engagement for this grand tournament.

GRFS: Project Silent Whisper™ Tournament Rules of Engagement


Click below link to submit clan application.

GRFS: Project Silent Whisper™ Tournament Application Form

Once your clan application is submitted each clan once approved, and they have accepted their invitation to participate must create their Official Team w/ Roster in EBZ Gaming™. All members of each participating clan must register on the Elite Battle Zone™ forum, and they must request to be added to Official Team Roster. To register please click the below link, and please use correct proper spelling for PSN ID (DO NOT USE CLAN TAGS IN USERNAME) when registering.

Elite Battle Zone™ Forum Registration

The Elite Battle Zone™ LLC, is not looking for the best clans. We are looking for those select Elite clans that work under pressure, survive under demand, and are victorious at the end. Does your clan have what it takes to Battle in the Zone with the Elite?

Elite Battle Zone™: Where the Elite come to Battle and He who Dares, Wins™!

Disclaimer: The Elite Battle Zone™ LLC, staff reserves the right to amend and create rules in order to maintain efficient administration of the GRFS: Project Silent Whisper™ Tournament. These rules are made to help keep the game fair and fun for everyone. The purpose of the Elite Battle Zone™ LLC, is to have fun and to enjoy the game of Ghost Recon Future Soldier we all love to play.

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