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[To much spawn killing]


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ive given people the benefit of the dought , but its getting stupid now ... nearly all games ive been in my team have been spawn killin the other team ,

im like W T F !!

this aint MW3 i love this game but now im standing around do ###### all , ok yeah im getting the objectives but there's no challenge anymore. :(

what is the point in spawn killing.?

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yeah there is alot of spawnkilling in fs.

ok now im ######ing sick to death of people spawn killing now , could deal with it at first but now my own team ,ate is helping the other team spawn kill w t f !!

this game isi getting ruined by these dikless fks

i know im ranting on sorry but for meanyway its getting real bad . and none of my friends have this game so i cant party up either.

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Uh, we already answered you. It started when FPS games first came out. I mean, it is a legitimate tactic most of the time. So I guess you're saying that people didn't stand in one place until ten years later when GR came along? :maybe: Spawnkilling is the only thing that annoys me, but people can camp all they want -- try running through the open in a real life battle and see how things turn out for you.

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