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Attention Canadians


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The Canadian Alliance has been spearheading a drive to reinstate the Canadian Airborne Regiment into the Canadian Forces order of battle.

You can download a petition off the above website, print it out, and get at least 25 people to put their names on it (Canadian citizens only).

For those of you who don't know, the Canadian Airborne Regiment was a unit in the Canadian Army that functioned very similar to the way the US 75th Ranger Regiment does. The regiment was disbanded in 1995 due to budget cuts in the Canadian Military combined with the political liability associated with the actions of a handfull of soldiers.

In today's world of brushfire wars and counter terrorism operations, the Canadian people desperatly need an sizable and elite force that is ready to defend our national intrests at a moments notice.

Please consider this petition. Canadian influence in international affairs is directly dependant on our ability to fall back on military force in the event of diplomatic failure.

Thank You.

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Im all for reinstating a military force to strengthing a country and help better prepare itself just incase something happens in the near future.

Only problem is , I'm not Canadian and my signing the petition wouldnt really help.

Sorry I cant be of any help.

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With a combined strength including all services, of about 40,000 members(includes rear echelon), Canada first needs to decide to have a military.

Instead it has relied on the US for it's security needs.

Interesting that Quebec secessionists gave no thought as to how they were going to defend a new state. :ph34r:

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Only a minimum of 25 ? I gonna need lots of paper !! If I'm not mistaken the Alliance is one of the few backers of our military up here , as opposed to other political *cough* Liberal parties . Anyways I'm off to get some signatures .

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