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Headset proplems

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Me and 3 of my other friends have been playing this game for quite some time already and we are enjoying it very much. But when do coop campaign, guerrilla mode or multiplayer we can't hear each other. It's like I can hear 2 of my friends and I can't hear the other one. And sometimes I just hear one of them and they all can hear me. I hope that Ubisoft will fix this problem cause we really are enjoying the game but we will enjoy it even more if we can hear each other. Thanks in advance!

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Your right this is getting old. One the mics suck, two you try to play with your friends but there on the other team and three I can't believe I paid $60 for this piece of $hi+! If the new patch doesn't work then I will be trading in this piece of $hi+! I can't believe you would put out a product that has problems like this and not fix them before the release!

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All I have to say is, if they don't have a patch by the end of this week i'll be canceling my pre-orders for Far Cry 3 Assassin Creed 3. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm fed up with these companies putting out games and not supporting them. I mean they can put out dlc but not fix what I consider to be a really good game.

This is a team game and you can't even communicate with your teammates. The other thing is you still have people getting under the maps. Fix it or loose me as a customer.

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