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Well look now, I'll be serious this time. I told Ubisoft I didn't want my name in the credits, you know, 'cause I'm modest like that, but they insisted saying how I made such great campaigns, so I finally just said okay so they'd stop begging me in the e-mails. I told 'em on one condition they could put it in, if they only put my name in the PC edition. I also told them to put it at the very end because I didn't want to become famous or anything, once again because I'm so modest.

This is the real thing, I took a picture from the PC version of Future Soldier that I got since they think I'm so special:


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I finally found the full list on the youtubes...

Special thanks to our awesome fans -

who dedicated a large part of their lives to Ghost Recon:


Kimi Matsuzaki



Christoph Gelssler





Pave Low







Hélène Wilson (Ubi-Mush)

Mark Bassett

Ben Talbot






Alexandre Nicq









Tobias Wimmer

Marty Mc Fly

Cassian TrueNerd


Benjamin Luithle

Vicky Kessler

Dominik Reiner

Florian Wyss

Dominik Ihlbrock

Malk Slwert

Fabian Horvath






Thom Clancy




Click HERE to jump to credits section near the end.


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I find it funny that I'm in the credits for a game I can't play.:unsure:

It is appreciated though, and about time for some of those names to get the credit they dearly deserve. Congrats!

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Most of these people are so random...

What do you mean by this Blame, everyone is there for a reason, they have given their free time to the community either by modding or helping others when they have problems with the game.

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Completely agree. Rocky and GR.net pretty much single-handedly kept the fan base - and by proxy, the series - alive. Don't get me wrong, there'd still be thousands of Ghost Recon fans out there, but we'd all be "sleepers" - quietly enjoying our game, unaware that there are tens of thousands of other GR nuts like ourselves out there. I mean, who'd want to just partake in those sterile fascist boards Ubisoft are running?

More importantly, I believe there wouldn't be a GR modding scene at all - at the very least not such a wonderfully vibrant and vivid one we have the pleasure experiencing. Maybe there would have been in the beginning, but Ubisoft's total neglect of modders (have you ever seen any modding forums over there?) would have starved it off years and years ago.

The undying following of Ghost Recon would not have been possible without mods, so I believe the game - and the series - would have died long ago without Rocky's enduring efforts. Putting his name in the credits is the very least Ubisoft could have done. Does anyone know if they also added a link or mention of GhostRecon.net? Shouldn't they be obliged to? After all, with Future Soldier Ubisoft is once again cashing in on the Ghost Recon name - a name largely kept alive by this community.

Frankly, I couldn't care much less about my own name being mentioned in those credits. Admittedly, it gives that warm fuzzy feeling of "moment of fame" and all that, but I'm certainly not a fan of what Ubisoft did with Future Soldier at all, as aren't many of the other people credited as "our fans". Seeing Ubisoft's track record, one might even come to suspect them of deliberate false advertising and attempting to "bribe" their critics.

In place of the credits listing I'd much rather see Ubisoft openly acknowledging, actively supporting, and - most importantly - carefully listening and talking to the Ghost Recon fan community here at GR.net. While at face value it's a nice move of them to list a couple of us in those credits, it is in fact a rather empty gesture when we all know that they really couldn't give a flying rat's fart about our opinions.

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