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Operation Tracer v2 is ready for the public.

There are no changes from the last beta version.

Download Link:

Operation Tracer

Mission Author: JohnTC02

Map Author: JohnTC02

File Size: 23.9 Mb

Version: 2

Operation Tracer

In our fight to rid Mexico of the rebel terrorists three U.S. specialists have been captured, HQ has received intel that they are being held at a location close to the Mexican border.

As usual you have been tasked with the job of rescuing our colleges, you need to proceed with caution as we believe that the location where the prisoners are being held is rigged with a new kind of proximity explosive device. You may need to deactivate this before rescuing the prisoners.

We also need you to check out some data terminals, we don't know what these computers contain but retrieve any info you can.

Before you can extract you need to destroy the transmitter and all heavy armour including the air defences.

Your mission:

1. Rescue Prisoners.

2. Secure Transmitter.

3. Inspect Data Terminals.

4. Destroy SHORAD systems.

5. Secure Air Defences.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:




As usual this mission is adaptive, if you are playing alone you will be in Easy mode but if more players join then it will update itself and then be in Hard mode.

If there is more than one player the mission will be in Hard mode but if all but one player leaves, the mission will then be in Easy mode.

Easy Switch:

If there is more than one player then use this switch to play the Easy version (this switch does nothing if you are playing alone).

Hard switch:

If you are playing alone then use this switch to play the Hard version (this switch does nothing if there is more than one player).


The IED's are random so you won't know which vehicle is armed so it will vary each time you play. You can now destroy the IED's with grenades or GL plus the usual C4.

New buildings:

There are two new custom made buildings in this mission both of which are my own design so they are not a remake of any stock building, plus there is a new prop, pics below.

Thanks goes to the beta testers:

ebk52, Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT mexicobob Cherry BLJ & the rest of the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare), Spik@, Anthony, daro48, PuttPutt, VICMAAL, Puck, Kaapo_Erika and Kaapo_Klaus, JackDoe and Rico686.


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