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Original Ghost model in Arma 2

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Of course, the Arma 2 skeleton is WAY more complex than the GR one. Also, there's scaling factors included. But one question remain: why would one do it? I mean, there's loads of high quality models in Arma 2, I can't find use for the low poly GR models in this game.

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There is a mod for arma2 island thunder but there is little that is similar to the original GR IT.

But Russia and Ethiopia, no?

If you insert originanye model will be similar even than the original.

I'd have done but I do not know how to work with 3D.

I can only imorotiryvat finished model in itself a GR of Max and fasten bones.

In Armenia, I just figured out config.

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What Operative said.... While it may be possible, I can not imagine why you would want to do this. There are great models available within the multitude of Arma 2 mods that are out there. Is there some specific feature of the GR character models you are having trouble finding?

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