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Tactical Operations Squadron.....

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Yep, we're still looking for new members every day :) We are very active and there is hardly a night that goes by when one of our twelve + members isn't online.

We rarely play Team vs Team as everyone in the team enjoys co-op against AI much more. We only use mods once a month; the rest of the time we have Desert Siege and Island Thunder alone.

Your skill level doesn't matter -- that's what our training course is for ;)

If you're still interested, check out our website:


The only real requirement is that you can play at either 12PM - 2PM CST or 6PM - 8PM CST. That's the only time that any team members play, and I hope you can be online regularly at those times.

Normally, I'd handle all the details of getting you into the team but I am going to be out of town until Sunday. If you just post in the TOS forums, somebody will probably reply and help you get started. Maybe you can get in some games before I'm back. If not, that's okay and we can play together some time after my return. After you've gamed with us a few times we can get you into the team if you're still interested.


Captain 9Echo

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Hello, we're currently searching members to our "Delta" team. If you're interested in joining a tactical elite and well organized clan, PM me or RileyFletcher_01, or email:

Or as a third option you can post here or on the official TOS forum.

We hope you're interested!

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A few of our members participated in suspicious activities while playing a mod certified as "Highly Dangerous to Mental Health" by the DEA. They were reportedly "acting like a couple of five year olds at Toys-R-Us with an unlimited gift card." The ring leader was heard to tell an officer, "Mum's the word. That goes for you too, 2F; one word and I take away your minigun."

We assure you that these potentially dangerous members are no threat to the GR.net community, but we promise to keep you posted as the situation progresses. If any of them offer you a game of Ghost Recon while I am absent, please firmly but gently refuse them and run like heck. We will be holding an interrogation session tomorrow night and the situation should be clear by Wednesday.

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We're going to start doing some special operations once or twice a month. One of us will script a detailed mission then a number of TOS operatives will be selected to take it on. If you'd like to be a part of these highly realistic events, sign up to join our elite team soon.

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We've been getting eight players almost every night now. It's incredible how much fun you can have with a big group of guys doing the original missions or playing Solo with pistols only.

My goal from the days of three members has been to get a full squad online at the same time -- we still haven't done it yet but, obviously, eight players is only one short of nine so we're getting very close.

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