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The Last Man Standing


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Last man standing.

Game loaded I was inside and 11 other players looking for one thing, to be the last man standing. For me I felt that I will get it but I will not go down with out at least one kill to show for it. Threat indicator off, and all I have were SN P90 SD and 2 sensors. I found an area of bushes and set one sensor at the only 2 ways open to me. Sure enough Victim #1 pops up and makes his way to me not knowing I can see him. I pop up from the prone and snipe him real fast. I caught him in the face. Then dropped to the prone real fast.

Victim #2 was after him and seen him enter towards me. He made his way as if sneaking up on a prey. Little did he know he was the prey as I was the hunter with one thing in mind, taking him down fast! He spotted my first kill and his intended target and was looking all over to see who nabbed his prey. He walks up towards me and less then 1 meter away I let him have it as I popped up and shot him through the chest. Then again dropped done in the prone.

Victims #3 through 8 were all as shocked from Jack in the box maneuver. As for Victim #9 he was camping and not going to budge from his hole. So I had to taunt him a little bit and made a lot of noise to draw him out. It paid off. I dropped my last sensor by the out side of the camp. He was hiding in the tent. As he crept out of the tent I was directly behind the tent and snuck up behind him then when he turns to check his 6 what he seen was my barrel and the flash as I unloaded a full clip in his face.

I not only survived one or two encounters, I wasted them all and with out getting shot or wounded. Proving to my team of friends that I was… :o=

…”The Last Man Standing!”

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Camping is: hiding, or staying in one spot for a long amount of time, and being of no help to the team.

Camping is not: protecting an important passage or area of a map, it is also not staying in one spot where enemies are likely to come by.

No offense, but I can't stand people who make "camper" accusations, if the person is hiding, be my guest to do so...also, don't call a sniper who is covering half of the map a "camper", because thats what snipers do! :D

I'd also like to add, nice job! ;)

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