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not sure about new things about to come out but the AMD Radeon HD 7970 is a must for gaming me thinks Pair that up with an AMD FX-81250 Eight Core Bulldozer Processor at 3.60Ghz and that’s an ultimate pair up for a great Gaming PC if you are on a budget.

otherwise, i'm sure someone will come along and give you more (better no doubt) information :thumbsup:

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Here's what I'm thinking:

Current parts (I already have these):

Antec 900 Case (I don't have the USB 3.0 version, just the older one):


Antec 850 Watt power supply


EVGA Geforce 560 ti


Stuff to Buy:

Arctic Silver compound


Corsair 2 x 8 GB = 16 GB RAM


Asus Motherboard


Intel i7 2600K CPU


Surge protector


Cooler Master (3rd party cooler for CPU). I'm unsure about this, other recommendations or thoughts?


SSD (probably 256 GB):




Thoughts on SSDs?

Seagate 3 TB hard drive


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Arctic Silver 5 is reallyreally old. You need something a little newer like Arctic Cooling MX-4 or IC Diamond! (for more ###### compensation)

I am not seeing IC Diamond on Newegg, but I do know we can get it up here in Canada. :)

Here is a 4g syringe of MX-4(cheaper than the 3.5g syringe of AC5 for the time being):


I personally am still working away on a 30gram syringe of MX-2 I bought ages ago. :P

That coolermaster hyper 212 Evo cooler is a great price:performance unit! The old 212 Plus was also good.

The i7 2600k, while previous generation is also a very loved CPU and should do well.

Same goes for the GTX560Ti. It is last gen but people love it's price:performance ratio. And of course you already have it so that is a plus. :P

Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and PC Power&Cooling are good brands of PSU so you should hopefully be good continuing with your Antec. Though tbh idk what PCP&C are up to these days, the other three I have no qualms suggesting.

As far as I have seen that motherboard looks pretty decently loaded out. Barring an unexpected failure, it should be a great board.


And do not bother looking at the bulldozer CPUs, the fastest one has a hard time when matched up with the fastest Phenom II X6.(the CPU it is supposed to be replacing) And both get mightily whomped when put up against Intel's offerings.

Yes, I know, you have to support the underdog to keep them alive, etc, etc. but sometimes, you just cannot encourage certain things unless the person have a bias toward a specific brand. :(

For some select people the bulldozer is worth it, but not for most. Some say that AMD has better budget CPUs than Intel but that is not always the case.

It should also be noted that I am not an Intel fanboy, I am still running a Phenom X4 9950 I have had for over three years. At the time the i7 had *just* come out and was $800 for a mobo and CPU, never mind RAM. So I went AMD hoping to have a reasonably priced upgrade path.(because LGA775 was a dead end) I can put a Phenom II X6 in my motherboard with it's current updated BIOS but have not yet been able to justify the cost. I am not upset with having gone AMD, but an i7 would have been faster and end up lasting me longer before I desired an upgrade. *shrug*

These i7s clock like mad though, so you should be pretty set with that 2600K. :thumbsup:

Looks like a good rig there.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Went with Crucial SSD, same size, less speed, but cheaper. Hopefully they can process it all quick and get it to me so I can start the build. :)

@Cpl Ledanek: I think I'm good at the moment. I have an old PCI graphics card that I'll use when I move these old parts over to another case.

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