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Would anyone like to see 16 player co-op return to GRFS



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4 player mode no problem, its more team work what you most do than... .. .

The only thing what i hope is, that thare comes in the GRFS multiplayer a game mode ware we can play WITHOUT grenades and drones uav (as in the other Ghost Recon games)!! ! The grenades and drones uav is something what more Ghost Recon game friends dont like in the new Ghost Recon game.

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I am fine with 4 player campaign, but I would love to see 16 player missions or firefights like in previous games, but I would settle for 8 player modes like that.

4 players leaves us having to split up among friends for co-op, which is no fun to have to do.

If more than four of us are on we would rather go play some adversarial in BF3.

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[I too have met about 90% of my friends list from the campaign and Co-op modes. I feel limiting the co-op to only 4 players is a hugh mistake. I've seen nice games like RBSV and OFP RR suffer because of it. The MP modes get old fast because it is run and gun no matter how you cut it. This game should have had at lease 8 player co-op modes split into a 4 man Alpha team and a 4 man Bravo team, they should alost bring back the Exfiltration mode or at lease have a mode like it where you have to rescue a POW or execute a HVT (high value target) and give you the ability to customize it to make it as harder by turning off all the icons aids etc.

If game companies could only see the tremendous value in having quality co-op modes in their games and a decent amount of players to enjoy it, they will make everyone happy. It feels like we are being forced to become MP gamers and for a majority of us thats just not our thing. This seems to be the changing of the guard for this franchise. I remember when MP run and gun gamers hated GR now they love it,...go figure.

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