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Weapons in GRAW1 - MK19


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I do have GRAW1 but never really bothered to play. I do play and edit for GRAW2 and I was wondering; you have the MK19, but this weapon does not work in GRAW2. Can anyone tell me if this weapon ever worked in GRAW1? Any info would be appreciated!

Same question goes for the Stryker...although this is a vehicle and not a weapon, I just thought I would include it in this post and not post it seperately.


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do i remember right that the mk19 is the nade luncher? if so yes it works.

the striker works as well, but beware, i remember some problems with it here and there. on a dedicated server it crashed the map when you tried to enter it.

but it drives around and shots the gun (what doesn't do any damage).

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Strangely enough the xml's for the tripod weapons are the same in GRAW1 & 2. And where you cannot use either of them in GRAW1, you can use the M2HB_tripod in GRAW2!?

Also all of the animation files seem similar, so I am trying to figure out why (in GRAW2) you cán use the M2HB, but not the MK19..... :unsure:

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