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Would SADS & An MDK Sell You On GR:FS?


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I wanted to test my theory that GR:FS has enough essential 'stuff' to appeal to all Ghost Recon PC Fans, and sell them if Ubisoft were to offer an MDK (Mod Development Kit) that had rough feature parity with UE 2.5, and SADS (Stand-Alone Dedicated Server).

The YETI Engine is essentially Unreal Engine 2.5 with advanced shader and light candy, and UE 2.5 tools offer more then enough means to mod GR:FS's existing assets in every direction the original Ghost Recon was modded and then some.

This would give Ghost Recon Fans of every stripe the tools to make maps and mod the game to their hearts content, and dedicated servers would give them the server infrastructure to play the game, it's expansions, and mods on that multi-player PC Fans, leagues and ladders require -- and get would be Fan's wallets out without hesitation.


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My silly poll is obviously rather late to the party -- but I'm surprised that there are Vets that would still be on the fence if Ubisoft delivered GR:FS with an MDK, and SADS in addition to already promising low drag DRM.

It's not like even the original Ghost Recon was an instant love affair, initially a lot people trying the demo were appalled at how hard the game was, frustrated with balance issues, bugs, net-code and complained the no first person weapon was a deal breaker. Ghost Recon was not a run-away success that flew off the shelves the first few weeks; it was regarded as a very difficult game with issues, where gradually with understanding, patches, and mods hit critical mass with realism game Fan awareness, and then it took off iirc...

What makes GR:FS look so promising is that we have some of the same recipe for success, with less of some things but more of others and all the fundamental game features are there: fantastic art assets (maps, models, animation, weapons), what should be a very mod friendly and modable engine, and deep tactical gaming features that even if they aren't developed to extent original Ghost Recon Fans covet, could easily be modded in that direction.

And I'm curious why anyone would be on the fence if Ubisoft went this far out on a limb for PC Fans, when other big 'AAA' Publishers are pulling out of offering server and mod support for PC?


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