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My Thoughts On Flaws


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So I have played the Beta on Xbox multiple times. I do enjoy this game very much. Very entertaining and I love the 3rd person aspect. There are a few things I do want to point out.

1) ACR is way to overpowered. I go into a gun fight with the AK47 and die because the ACR is too powerful. Yes, I understand the ACR is normally known for it's OP in multiple games but it's something to point out.

2) The UAV... Why... It should be a kill streak or something. The amount of time that my teammates and I get detected is ridiculous. I think it's a good idea, but it needs tweaking... Maybe put it up for like 3 minutes tops? Something like that....

3) Sensors on Engineer class. These sensors are a great idea, but the span of these sensors I think is a little bit to far..

4) Grenades, they really need a tweak. Way to overpowered in my mind and the whole friendly fire does get annoying. I get it happens in real life, but we are in a game. I have been killed multiple times trying to retrieve a sensor with a friendly nade....

5) Unlocks, I think more guns are in order and lower levels. It takes 20 levels to get a new gun? Does get boring.

6) Spawns, do I need to say more? Terrible spawn killing. I do it myself but it's way out of hand.

7) Connection... Yes, it is a beta and I know Ubisoft did not expect the amount of people playing, but come on now. It goes down every 30 minutes for me... Idk, just some issues I have with this game. I will end up pre-ordering and buying this game. Soooooo fun, but some of the things do need tweaking. I'm glad they decided to make a beta for this. ALSO, customization in this game is ridiculous... lol :P

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You can shoot down UAVs in about 5 bullets with an SMG and they have a VERY apparent symbol above them, so spotting them is simple.

Sensor grenades only last a few seconds, so they are fine.

Hand grenades are a massive turn off. Instant to throw, incredible range, giant kill radius, and inescapable. They need a longer fuse time, and you should have to pull the pin. That would increase the time it takes to throw.

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maybe make it so sensors can not see THROUGH entire buildings. Block them after one obstruction, they are ground based and need to penetrate walls, barrels, buildings, rocks , trees, etc. What type of sensor could see through all of that??? sonar would ping off the first obstruction and stop, radar would likewise have reduced effect after one hit, heart beat sensors might be able to sense it but it still would need some sort of sound and with all the other low frequency noise around it would only have very limited effect. Limiting the range or stopping AT the second obstacle would seem to make sense.

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