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GRfs now "Preloaded"

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I am now "preloaded" on GRfs using the SplinterCell Conviction disc.

There are no pop ups or game/title updates for SCC.

There is a scrolling text message under the main character on the main screen,

Press X on your controller to begin "Multiplayer Beta download"

That is what it is called,Not GRfs Beta etc.

*The scrolling message states.....

"Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta is live.Press X Button now to join and begin playing

from Thursday the 19th April."

Here are direct links to proof from my TV & console,




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Lol,My friend,it is the "preload" this is what you get after pressing the X button on the

Xbox 360 controller when on the main screen of SplinetrCell Conviction.

There is a thread on GR.com by the mods stating this will happen.

Here is a vid from my tv and console showing the screen in motion.

Trust me I wish I was on this thing lol.Besides if I did have a full copy I dont think it would be much fun running round in circles my myself lol.

Respect & Peace.

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