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Should Ghost Recon be honered with a Sig edition Console?


GR:FS Signiture Edition Console.  

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Ok, i don't know about the rest of the fans of the Ghost Recon series but i for one and lot of my friends on XBox Live would like to see homage paid to this series. I think its way past due for Ghost Recon--one of the best series on any console, to receive a little recognition in this regard, What do you think, would you or would you not like to see a special edition signiture Console for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier just like the following?


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Oh yes indeed,that coupled with Grfs headset & controller for both the Xbox & Ps3 consoles.

[Also something special for Pc users]

Maybe even a Grfs "kinect" edition,but that's just pushing it,idea would be some form of Grfs graphic on the kinect,the "eyepiece" would have a Grfs logo around it.

All of the above mixed with a good dose of Tactical gameplay.

See you on the battlefield[or will you?] :)

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this game does not deserve a Sig edition console. I have been on since OGR and this game is not quite GR. more like Gears of Recon. All thats missing is chainsaws and the Locust.

I am buying this game and will be playing it regularly because I cant and wont pass up a GR game. I know that when all my GR buddies and I get on together this game will be nothing but fun, but I wish it had more of the old flavor.

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