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"Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it"

Nightmare - what film is that from - I can hear the annoying guys voice in my head uttering those words -but cant see the film! Gimme clue...

Well only 7 more days till the game is out (if its released on the 29th). Anyone getting this game right away? I know I am

For the fact that I love a very short SP demo of a game that is going to have full MP system (that hopefully even comes close to the flexibility of GR) plus wads of snow, desert and W Europe campaign maps...

..you bet Im gettin it.

Santa... :santa:

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"Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it"

Dunno m8. It was sampled and used in a baging techno track called: "Pretty Fast" by "Ed Real, Rowland and Wright"....


The subliminal messages are taking over me....

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  • 2 weeks later...
"Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it"

Ach - I was hoping you knew. It's annoying me now...

...im sure it was an Edward Norton film.....or was it someone else...

anyone know that quote???

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You know - I knew it! I kept thinking what's that guy's name from ferris Bueller..? And couldnt remember Matthew Broderick's name...thinkin it was one his films...

and of course - it WAS Ferris Bueller.


Thans for putting me out of my misery.... :wacko:


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Not as fun as H&D2 IMHO.

I got the ability to change headwear, backpacks, and uniforms, drive vehicles (and aircraft), swim....extremely realistic iron sights view, unsupassed AI, extremely realistic weapon stats.....

H&D2 ain't no run and gun like CoD! - It's all about the stealth in H&D2. You don't give your position away, the enemy won't find you.

Right now I'm tankbusting and destorying Italian MC.200 "Seatta" planes in Africa! The tank busting in H&D2 blew me away (the Panzer almost did too - lol, note the pun....). Leaning out around trees to fire me M1A1 bazooka as the tanks unleashes a withering hail of machine gun and 75mm fire. I find I'm always keeping my head down, staying low, outflanking tanks/troops, setting up cover as my advancing (and getting them to do the same as I advance - Something which most other games of this genre don't allow ou to do.

Another thing - you can also only carry one of each type of weapon at a time (for example, Fairbarn and Sykes Knife, Browning M1911A1, Thompson), something which not alot of other games of this genre allow you to do.

Oh yeah, and the latest patch fixed all the bugs in H&D2, yet ppl still slag off the game....

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Well I got Call of Duty from Amazon.com yesterday and didn't stop playing it last night. So I was well impressed.

SP @ Hardened level was great fun. I lost count how many people I shot in the first couple of levels. :o= The AI was pretty impressive, if not a little bit dim at times still, but still more intelligent than GR.

The levels are very well made it seems. I didn't get the feeling I was in a square box with these virtual surroundings around me. You certainly get a feel for really being there. That gives the game a good edge imo, especially when you start seeing all the dead bodies scattered everywhere, you start to realise that if this was anything near to how WW2 would have been, I'm glad that I didn't have to fight in it. Blood bath is not the word here!

The MP game was very good as well, although annoying at times with all the "bunny hoppers" jumping about all over the place. I didn't find that being a "bunny hopper" helped anyone much, they can't shoot back that well cause the ret goes all over the place, so I found myself winning more battles than not.

I know that my experience with GR helped me no end last night. Knowing that keeping well hidden and using the terrain to your advantage when on the hunt is paramount to success. Other people, again like the "bunny hoppers" think that running along a open field isn't going to get them shot soon found out that this isn't the case and soon got their reward for being so lame! :P

I can't wait to get playing COD again this evening. Although I can't choose which type of game I want to play, is it SP or MP?? Hmmm the choices. But for sure I will be playing COD a lot for the time being.

So if you haven't played it, get it, I don't see why anyone would be dissapointed myself.

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I have finally tried the CoD demo and have to admit, that it is a pretty good game. While the FPWV mode is a bit lame, the "iron sights" view is pretty close to reality. While I am still not totally sold on a FPWV., I could live with it in CoD as it seem to be not so intrusive unlike other games I have tried. I look forward to getting the full version on of these days and trying the MP game. It would have to be with those of us here as I have no need of bunny hoppers as Cobblers acceded to. :thumbsup:

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Well I'm up for a night (or a few) of MP COD. Would be a great laugh.

We should be able to host quite a few people. As an online friend told me that with his 512K ADSL connection he was able to host upto 12 people with no lag. If that is all we need then I would be pleased to host a server one night as I have the same connection. But if anyone else can come up with a better offer, for those of us that want to play COD, then all the better!

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Hey you guys can come and play over on my clans server. Since we started as a GR (War of Infamy was the mod we played) we love realism and thats the name of the game with our server. It can hold about 20+ people with no trouble at all.

Server is called "Deutschland"


Restrictions: No Snipers, Pure Server.

Look for people with the tag [Deutschland]SS, that is my clan :D

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Someone told me that the AI in this game are pretty good. Just curios, do they react to camo? i.e if they can't see you they won't know you're there and won't shoot you (not like in GR).

I know that in H&D2 is was doing a mission in Burma, clearing the Japs out of the Burman jungle. There was pillboxes everywhere. There was this one pillbox with a big jungle bush infront of it. I told my squad my squad to hold position and I switch to my sniper. I crouched and walked slowly to the bush to get a better shot at the guy inside. I got to the bush. This bush was straight ahead in his line of sight, not very far away from the front of the bunker. He couldn't see me cuz I was hiding in the bush!

Basicly, if ya don't give away the fact that u are there, they won't know u are there and won't shoot at you. If they hear or see you, they will attack you. Even the civilians alert guards to your presence.

we love realism

Sorry but I have to say it, if ya want realism, try H&D2. H&D2 has the most realistic iron sights view ever, and I'll get a pic up here to prove it. You also can't use the MG's standing or crouching (except for the BAR) due to the violent recoil. You have to be prone. Also, each soldier has a maximum amount of weight of kit they can carry (varies from soldier to soldier). So you can't take alot of stuff. H&D2 is the first tacsim to have wirecutters I think. Now where's that wire fence again?

Realism? A first person weapon view is realistic (as has been discussed in the GR2 forum). As you move you don't see your weapon. You don't see your weap when moving in H&D2....and CoD has a first person weapon view....

Right, that's enough ranting from me. My CoD vs H&D2 thingy might get me into trouble if I carry on....

I bet that in CoD you can't choose you'r uniform or headwear....

Can't really compare them? True, but you guys are on about realism.....

Edited by -[NCM]- .:Nightmare:.
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Hmm H&D 2 is looking interesting, you may even convert me :o

Your talking about it is the first time I've ever heard of the game (And I think the same is true for members of my clan) but if all you say is true about the gameplay (and it even has good graphics!!) the game would be fun. I'll look into it for X-Mas :santa: .

Now in defence of th my clan ( :rocky: ) I must say we choice CoD since we all tried the demo and loved it. It does have a surprising amount of realistic parts to it for a retail game being sold to the unknowing masses.

Right now H&D2 sounds like its what I want in a WW2 game and what I wanted if I make a WW2 mod.

BTW, is H&D2 all about small 6-8 man teams going behind enemy lines or does it do any large battles (where your just a little infantry guy(s) trying to get killed)?

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