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Day of Defeat

Dick Splash

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Disclaimer: My reply is not to put u down or insult ur intelligence, or give u any feedback that may or may not be perceive as condecending (was that spelled right? <_< )but....

Brother....why pay?....there's these cool folks in here that MAY give you the same feel/experience as Day of Defeat... and its for free.

besides RavenShield, I havent bother buying new games, knowing theres tons

of free mods you can accomulate here.

Save your money bro...join us...come into the light... :wacko: off track there for a second.

Seriously...try the mods here for free, dont like it, wait till the game drops its price.

My 2 cents


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My friend recently wanted to play CS and he wanted to buy the retail version. I told him to just buy Half Life and then download all the mods he wants for free. I remember playing day of defeat when it was older. LOL.... 56k trying to be a sniper.... it was interesting. :)

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Thanks for the advice Cdp L.

I understand your concerns [like me] about saving money, but I have to say I bought HL when it came out. I'd just completed Quake II SP and I was looking forward to doing the same on HL [The PC game of '98], but [brace yourself]...........as much as I tried, I just couldn't get into the game. I was hooked on QII, and although HL was better looking etc. it just didn't do anything for me.

Consequently, I know very little about its community and that of CS. However, the thought of a WWII online MP using the same engine appealed and I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

By the way, check out Activision's Call of Duty. Part of the MOH team are developing it.

All the best.


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