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Mad Catz GRFS controllers and Headset


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sorry, not sure if anyone made a thread for this, found these images of the shiny new controllers and headset though:







they light up too apparently

Possibly Due for release on the 22nd May along with the game for the consoles perhaps a couple of days either side.

look sweet! :<img src=:'>

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they light up too apparently

Man I sure hope so cause I get really scared in the dark and sometimes I just start crying it's really sad but sometimes when I'm playing and it's dark and I get nailed by a 7.62x51mm sniper rifle halfway across the map I scream and stuff it's really bad.


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I've never used a third party controller thats any good. Just doesn't seem right. Both controllers look cheap n nasty to me. Grip pads are a complete waste of time. Someone explain to me why I need grip pads on my controller? Umm... I use Turtle Beach and when I put them on my head, I dont care what they look like, In fact, I dont think about them at all unless I'm adjusting volume or moving mic. Have a close look at the DPad on the XBOX 360 Controller. The head phones look comfortable. Is that a rapid fire switch I can see on the XBOX 360 contoller?

The headphones look like you can unclip the graphic on the outside and replace it like an ipod skin.

Having said some negatives, Mad Catz are a reputable brand.

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