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PC Release Date and Official Press Release here

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I've had bad luck with it. It automatically updates even when turn off auto-updates, so two of my Steam games are now unplayable because I won't download their stupid updates (I have slow internet so a huge download is out of the question). I also hate that I have to have a connection to the internet to play some games in SP. I also get annoyed by the random six year olds who add me to their friends list and keep inviting me to their games.

Just my opinion though smile.gif

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I am not going to complain about the game vs other titles, it has all been said already. People who like it are going to buy it, etc, etc, whatever.

However I will urge restraint to those who are gushing over the specific single screenshot that has been posted.

Please be realistic guys; calm down.

*More than half of the screenshot is very blurry.

*It is all quite washed out with little colour.

*It is 859x480. (less than 1920x1080 and even 1280x720 remember. Most things look good if you scale down a larger image to such a small res)

*What little you can see clearly is half of a ghost's back. the other ghost is still in shade.

Basically, it is your typical teaser screenshot.

You cannot even begin to determine how good the game will look based on this simply because you just cannot properly see 95% of it.

Please wait until further images to be released before you start praising them. Please....

Actually I would like to see a non-blurry one @ 2560x1440 or at a res extended across three displays. THEN we can say it looks awesome. But right now with what has been released.. do not count your chickens before they hatch.

I am not saying the game will look bad, I am just saying that we cannot actually tell yet. Actually I lie. It is going to look terrible being that it is really washed out and real life at least where I live and/or have been is not even close to that washed out. I am not asking for an acid trip here, but we have had rich colour capable media/displaydevices for a really long time, you know.

But it is mildly nice to transition from the muddy brown of the past decade to white. I guess? :P

If this decade is going to be white, I wonder what the next one will bring? :wacko:


I would just like to restate:

When you see a higher res screenshot that is not all blurry then please GO WILD. By all means, it will be worth it.

We are just not upon this time yet though we are getting close.

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It is going to look terrible being that it is really washed out .

I don't think anyone can really judge the look of the whole game on that one screenshot, i thought BF3 was quite washed out and a constant blue hue over the screen but it still looked and played great on the pc at home, imho. GRFS probably won't look or play right for everyone i suppose.

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Well if I could put my 2 bobs worth in, I'm counting down the days till my pre-order Collectors edition arrives at EB,... I hope the Tee shirt'll fit. lol :thumbsup:

I'm not a big fan of multiplayer online gaming I just like to play solo, just me and my PC so I hope that single player mode is all I hoped for.

Just thinking, I know it sounds funny but I'd like to find out what the main home screen looks like, anyone got a pic? :hmm:

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Woah, I just discovered the thread -- and while I understand some of the cynicism, I really do, there's quite a payload of impressive features and capability this game promises, and two things that stand out in the press release are very positive for the PC:

1) Always on DRM is
part and parcel of GR:FS PC -- how much better then that could the DRM situation be? Ubisoft listened and perhaps even gets it... Five happy faces for Ubisoft!


2) Reading between the lines of the system spec, there some nice latitude in that spec that suggests the game will be optimized to a considerable extent to take advantage of PC as the spec is well above what a Xbox 360 can pump render wise, and the latitude suggests there may be some decent configurarbility in the engine. No happy faces for this one yet, but, if you've seen GR:O with the post processing turned down it should look really good and be a solid performing PC offering.

If not for the use of the Tom Clancy and Ghost Recon monikers, I bet most Ghost Recon Fans here would find GR:FS an otherwise intriguing game; perhaps not to the extent we'd get lathered up from say an announcement like 'the epic return of RSE to revist legacy Ghost Recon game design, and cold war Special Operations in Ghost Recon: Last Gasp' but I'd wager GR:FS will be a game more then a few here will grudgingly enjoy...


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how i know that the game will work in my computer?

What are your system specs for:

· CPU (brand, model & spec)

· RAM (how much, & how fast)

· Video Card & VRAM

If you don't know, you can use a free tool like Speccy (click link) to make a report, then post it here and we can let you know if you fit inside the range...


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CPU:Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz-2.66GHz


VIDEO CARD: NAVIDIA GEFORCE 1024MBGeForce GTS 250 - SHADER MODEL 4- SyncMaster (1680x1050@60Hz)

1024MBGeForce GTS 250



Hard Drives:977GB Western Digital WDC WD10EARS-00Z5B1 ATA Device (SATA)

Optical Drives: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22LS50 ATA Device

High Definition Audio

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hezi69 it looks like your PC should be fine and you shouldn't need to replace anything... Your video card might be at the low end of what's needed but you surely should not replace it before you try the game. Have you tried Ghost Recon: Online? If your PC runs that game ok you should have a pretty good idea of how well it will run GR:FS as well...



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A temporary broadband connection will be required for one-time product registration at first launch using the player Uplay account. From that point on, no permanent connection is required, except for online modes.

I feel I should comment on this too as I've made a few posts over the past couple years regarding Ubi's draconian DRM measures.

I can say I think that Ubi has chosen a very reasonable form of DRM this time. I have no problem registering my game the first time (kind of like activating Windows), and having Ubi check if I have a legit version when playing online because well ... I'm online.

What would trouble me is that I would not be able to play a game I paid for if my internet connection went down, or if I was travelling.

Sad to say, but I am glad that GR:FS was delayed long enough for Ubi to choose this DRM for the PC version. Hopefully we won't have any further nasty DRM surprises.

One thing that was NOT addressed in the press release that will still affect my purchase: if GR:FS PC is a direct port of the Xbox 360/PS3 version (same engine etc), IMHO it will be a good thing. Ubi has a bad habit of using different engines for the same game on different platforms leading to questionable results (GR2 for PS2 is the best example of this)

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how to play ghost recon online

i have beta key but i says me that the beta in queue\

what to do

Go to the GR:O site, and log in first (make an account if you don't have one), then hit the big 'APPLY FOR BETA' button and log in and it should ask for your beta key.

and what you can say about the other recommand requirdments exept video card

The rest of your PC is more then fine, you should not need any new hardware, even your video card should be ok...

One thing that was NOT addressed in the press release that will still affect my purchase: if GR:FS PC is a direct port of the Xbox 360/PS3 version (same engine etc), IMHO it will be a good thing. Ubi has a bad habit of using different engines for the same game on different platforms leading to questionable results (GR2 for PS2 is the best example of this)

This has always confounded me a bit, as the use of the term 'port' has come to be a really vague Gamer colloquialism to mean anything they don't like about a game that they feel was influenced by a console target design.

The game engine, art pipeline, and toolchain used to create any game that's going to use the DirectX render backplane on the Xbox 360 and/or PC is going to build the game first on a PC regardless and typically the same middle-ware and tools...

I grant that there are games that are hastily brought out for PC after console target build is polished, with incomplete features and limited regard for what a PC version of the game needs like:

· render optimization that takes advantage of what PC's offer

· configurable render settings

· adjustable FOV with correct scaling

· configurable keyboard binding and mouse control with raw input and no-scale options

· stand alone dedicated server support

· decent server browser capability or at least external support for a server browser

The last, an actual server browser or at least supporting external server browsers rather then some cheap hack of some sort of 'match-making' interface has been one especially onerous and miserable limitation Ubisoft have unfortunately foisted on Clancy Fans with the Vegas and Splinter Cell games...

But any of these shortcomings is more typically a limitation of budget/time, Developer laziness, and in some really embarrassingly conspicuous cases just incompetence -- then the fact that the game was optimized for the console first as the 'lead platform' and then hastily finished for PC...

Ubisoft has also given the impression of being a company that would very much like to be able to treat the PC as a console: onerous DRM and crude match-making, limited render and control interface configuration -- they want us locked out -- to see and play the game their way, regardless of whether we're missing fingers, colorblind, get sick from excessive camera bob or absurd camera post processing effects -- which is sad as the PC was the last bastion that gave people configurable means to dealing with limitations like these that otherwise made games unplayable for them.

But I don't mind a wit that the game is on the same engine for PC as the Console, I just hope the PC team gets the time, money and has the talent to make it look as good and hopefully better than it does on the Console, and gives us the range of input interface control and render options and game server browsing features we've been shorted in too many previous Ubisoft games.


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listen you dont understand

i have enter loing my uplay account

but it doest show up me the enter the beta key

or apply for beta or redeem beta key

and i am uk player

please refer to the posts i have made in the free beta key thread.

this is not something this forum can help with

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