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High ping server : really need help

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I've been running my server since about two years now and still have the same ping problems.

I have a high internet connection. Right now i have a very good ping when accessing many servers. ( european or american )

I tested my speed connection from montreal (canada) to paris ( france) it makes it : entering 8.3 mbps, exit 1.0 mbps, ping is 80

But when i open my GRAW2 server ( SUPERTDM SERVER ) connection is killing me. Its really frustrating because there is a lot of people coming in but then they quit because they lag too much.

under 8 players ping is between 300 and 500 but then from 8 players plus it goes up to a freaking 1100, and it goes up and down like crazy.

can someone pls tell me what it can be and what tools do i need to use so that i run a clean server ?

thanks a lot fellow players. :)

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seams a bandwidth problem... where are you hosting your server? at your home?if yes, which is your UPLOAD connection? and which rate you setup in the server config?

in my home, Upload is around 1.02 mbps, my server is set to 3000, it's no dedicated server.

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