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At Long Last...but!


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So finally we're getting a new GR and it looks spectacular! On PC, too! I'll probably buy that...but the Kinect involvement is so disappointing. Is it really beyond the wit of the software coders to integrate it into the game action as a switchable option? There's no lack of applications...head movements, weapon control, voice command. Or maybe there are other software hurdles to overcome, but Kinect has been available to developers for a long time now! Perhaps there's a political agenda that determines the game's content?

Whatever the reason, it's a missed opportunity to make GRFS attractive to a much wider audience and would put GRFS out in front of everything else. The rate at which Kinect is being develop is quite pathetic and the children's games that Microsoft seem to be obsessed with, are just trivialising what could be a major upgrade to the serious games interface.

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