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Star Wars The Old Republic

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I play since my bro purchased it for me :thumbsup:

Thoughts well it's my first mmo so I have nothing to compare except things like return to Zelda back 10 year ago

It is fun but really takes up SOOOOO Much Time but I enjoy it. Sparta has several players but 1/2 have gone silent since it came out

I reckon they have mastered the game and became bored not sure but I still play.

Halli lvl29

K-Halli 15

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Well the game is soon to include 3 free 7 day passes for friends... worth considering if you've not managed to get friends playing it yet.

Leveling isn't anywhere near as grindy as what WoW used to be like, the XP requirements per level do not rise as high.

The new patch for this game is soon to be released with many news features included in it which brings it more in line with other MMO's and considering how long it has been out and what else they are planning on doing soon the game is looking pretty promising.

And yes N.Crawler... like you I've been a SW'rs fan since my earliest memories so this goes almost hand in hand for me!

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My wife recently surprised me with a copy of SWTOR, and I've been enjoying the game a lot. TOR does have some limitations and annoyances, but I do enjoy it. In the future, I hope to see things like customizable starships, friends in our starships, player houses, player-written books (a la EQ2), more crafting options, and generally something to do besides killing things. I reference EQ2, because in that game, there is so much to do. You don't have to adventure at all, if you don't want to, and there's still a wealth of content for you. It's also coming on eight years old though, and TOR is still in its infancy, so hopefully TOR will begin to spread out a bit soon. Other that those limitations and the subpar artwork though, I really enjoy it.

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Awesome, thanks! SWTOR has proven to be really enjoyable for me, to say the least. I echo my previously-expressed hopes that the game will expand its horizons in the coming year or so, but it's already killed my nearly eight-year old EQ2 habit. :)

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