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Serellan's New Project

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Exciting news for Ghost Recon fans this weekend as we have the scoop on a remarkable development with former Ghost Recon game designer Christian Allen.

Recently we mentioned that Christian had launched Serellan, a mystery project with little information other than a place holder page at Serellan.com. Today we blow the top right of the secret with a massive exclusive interview, with Christian, where he reveals the plans for his next gaming project...

We will be focusing our initial development on a hardcore CQB tactical shooter on the PC. I’ve been working on AAA console games for over a decade now, but I started out as a PC modder, and I really feel the need to get back to my roots.... this will be first and foremost a hardcore PC game.

The kicker for hardcore tactical shooter fans, is that a large element of Christian's strategy is to follow the crowdsourced route to really make this a game that fans can be involved in. The first element of this strategy is the games Kickstarter page, where you'll also find a video of Christian explaining his project.

Still looking for reasons to be excited? Christian Allen started his career modding for Rainbow Six, and ended up accepting a BAFTA for the Ghost Recon team before working with huge game developers. This is man who knows tactical shooters from a fans persepctive, and has the resources to make this game happen.

So, read our exclusive interview for all the details, pledge your support on the Kickstarter page, post your comments in our forums right here, and also watch this space as Serellan's official forums are just about ready to be launched, and we know you will want to secure your own username before it is grabbed by another gamer!

UPDATE : Forums are live now, go grab your account.

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Here's how I'm looking at this...

  1. This is a unique chance to get a game produced that is a true successor to the R6 series. We all know Ubisoft isn't going to do it.
  2. We know Christian is a fan of the genre. - he was making R6 mods before being hired by Red Storm.
  3. He has a track record. GR2SS is IMO the best multiplayer in the series and easily one of my favorite games of all time.
  4. Big publishers aren't interested in making community-supported games any more. Their new-found subscription/DLC revenue streams are in direct conflict with user-generated content.
  5. Christian is taking a big risk by starting his own studio. He needs help from the community to make this work.

Anybody here who's interested in playing this game made should be at least at the $50 level. That's the price of a regular game. Most games these days are closer to $100 once you spring for all the DLC. For that same money you get a shot at seeing something you REALLY want to play, and you get to contribute to making it happen. That sounds like a bargain to me.

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Yes, great news this. Keeping my fingers crossed that it becomes reality.

Oh and donation sent - seeing as how I've moaned and groaned about games not being designed like this for the last few years I figured I should put my money where my mouth is and take the plunge.

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Thanks all. This will be the grand expiriment. We'll see if what I was saying to the publishers for the past decade is true, or if the tacsim community makes me look like an idiot. It's really up to you guys.

The more coverage we get, the better. Reach out to the news organizations and let them know, especially the hardcore ones.

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Your money doesn't actually leave your account unless the project is successful, ie the £200,000 is found and this will happen on April 2nd.

You can also change and update the amount you are able to donate as you go along, so if at the moment you are feeling the pinch then you could just donate $1. However, should you win the lottery tomorrow you could then up your donation to the full $200,000 if you liked! :)

Pretty much risk free. Besides that, Serellan would lose an his reputation if he were to just "keep the money" so pretty sure that you are in safe hands. :) Now were it Rocky who was after your money, well, there's a different story altogether!! ;)

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I smell another Ground Branch....

You know speakin of that I told them in their forums I bet Duke Nukem Forever would get released before GB. Bet that post got deleted once Duke Nukem Forever was released :)

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Hi Christian, great work! I wish you and the team at Serellan all the best with Kickstarter and the project as a whole :thumbsup:

Just a few questions, will this game projected to be purely Multiplayer/co-op or will there be a single player campaign aswell? Also will the game be fully moddable with custom weapons/maps? Or is it too early in the process to tell at this point?

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