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Did anyone figure out how to disable death text messages?


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Has anybody else faced crashing issues?  My Ike.log says:

RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file opposing_force_33.atr
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file opposing_force_5.kit
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06.chr
HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06.chr
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06_a.chr
HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06_a.chr
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file rk_plt_06_b.chr
HumanMotion: Could not load character: rk_plt_06_b.chr
RSFILEDATA: FindFile could not find file basichelmet_06.qob
RSQOBLoader::Load: Could not find file basichelmet_06.qob
RSNode: Could not load model basichelmet_06.qob


I don't have Rockall active, but those are characters from it's mod. 

I am playing with Mission HX, so it may be complicating things too.  What happens is that if I do anything wrong with the Actor files, the game crashes at start up.  

So I try and fix it, but even after going to the basic Gold Edition, trying to launch with only Mission HX, the game still crashes at launch.   Sometimes it seeks Blood Oil (which isn't active) and sometimes it's Rockall.  I mean I did a fresh install of MHX, went and launched with basic mods (no Rockall folder in Mods) and the game is somehow seeking Rockall files still?   I can't get Mission HX to launch at all, though the game will launch for regular Missions.


I took the mod out of the mods folder and it still seeks it.  It's like the String.res modding breaks something if you don't have the proper Actor files, if I make any mistake the game will no longer launch.

Since I pretty much only play Mission HX, in the past I've been forced to reinstall GR, a fresh MHX, and a new No Death Messages mod and it will work, but I can't figure out how to avoid this. 

Can anybody make sense of why Mission HX would be crashing for not having a mod's Characters, when I'm not playing that mod?  Or whatever happens when the Actor files are improperly placed?  Removing Doc's mod for the testing, trying to get MHX to work doesn't help.

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4 hours ago, MarkAm_i said:

 What happens is that if I do anything wrong with the Actor files, the game crashes at start up. 

Sorry for the troubles Mark.
Actor files in which mod? And exactly what are you doing to them? Syntax errors do exactly as you say, the game will not launch.

The ike.log entries are all present in Rockall(I'm aware that it is not activated) except opposing_force_33.atr .
I may be wrong but when the ike.log refers to an .atr file that does not exist at all there is something amiss in a text file such as the .atr files. Could be wrong on that.

I see the NAG Mod has an Extras folder so you can use it with other mods.
The installation says to:
"To use, simply replace the entire 'Actor' folder in a given mod with the 'Actor' folder contained in the .zip file.  I will add more as time goes on."
If the .atrs were replaced in the NAG mod that could be an issue.

Be satisfied that GR, DS and IT work.  Add Mission HX to the mix. Mission HX has only the null.atr in the actor folder. Get GR, DS, IT and HX working before proceeding.
I have Mission HX and NAG and had no problems but I haven't tried running them with additional mods. I did have to restart GR to get NAG to work after activating it.

Just throwing stuff out there Mark.

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Thanks for your help Wombat.  I thought maybe someone else had seen this problem and I might find a shortcut to resolving it. 

I'll report back if I figure out why I made GR so angry. 

About Blood Oil, the folder structure seems a bit odd.  Mission HX utilizes the Opposing Force 0-9 or however many.  In most mods, those files are in the Actor folder loose.  in Blood Oil, they are in a folder "Opposing Force".  How do you think I should get it working with Doc's NAG mod?

It was either fiddling with the confused attempts to get Blood Oil working, or when I tried using Rockall with just the Opposing Force files in the NAG Actor folder.  One of the 2 went so wrong that GR went cross-eyed and refused to forgive me, no matter what reverting I attempted. 

Have you seen GR break so that a reinstall seemed to be the only remedy?  It's something to do with the Mission HX, the no death messages mods, and getting those Actor folders mixed up.  She gets furious and there seems to be no way to appease her.  A reinstall is my only remedy.  Really not a big deal, it turns out.  (After I figured out to backup Options.xml)

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I have had to uninstall/ reinstall GR. Sometimes it is the fastest way.

I looked at Blood Oil and if you have a text editor that does "find and replace" it wouldn't be too much work.
Ctrl+f brings up the window.
Notepad++ is a good one. https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.3.1.html

Most of the opposing force atr's in BO are named:    
<ActorName>a Mend Rebel</ActorName> so replace with     <ActorName> </ActorName> (leaving a single space)

There are a few named     <ActorName>a RevGuard</ActorName> so replace with     <ActorName> </ActorName>

Good call on the options.xml and maybe the unlockedheros and unlocked_missions.xml too.

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