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HUGE announcement


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... coming on Saturday.

This is going to blow you guys away. I am not putting this on the news page until the weekend, but I wanted to give you HARDCORE, PC, gamers something to look forward to this weekend.

If it doesn't blow you away, I'll issue a full refund on your admittance ticket :thumbsup:

If you are reading this before Saturday 3rd of March 2012, well done, you got the heads up on some very special news.

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Mass Effect 3 comes out in 3 days from that date! That's pretty huge for me =P

Not if you were planning on buying it from

Game retail LOL.

I heard all about that. I guess they cancelled a bunch of orders on people! That's pretty f'ed up cause you can't get the N7 edition anymore from anywhere. Luckly i ordered mine from Best Buy *I live in the states so we don't have game.* and they didn't cancel mine :)

Edit: It seems that some peoples on Origin got cancelled as well. Way to go EA...

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Yeah Rocky! Wake up and give us the news now! LOL!

Yeah, I'm in Perth Australia and Satruday is 3/4 finished :rocky: But if it's a huge announcement, I suppose I can wait until Sunday :zorro:

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