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Inside Recon # 2

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Is it just me, or does this promo sound a bit different to the rest, I mean the voice over...

Not much really new in this vid though, eye candy looks great though.

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Freak'n beautiful and Done RIGHT!!!!!! We who kept the faith & defended UBI about bring out a good shooter and something to be proud of. They kept it real, they kept it exciting, and not too flashy. It's GHOST RECON.

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Just watched #3 & didn't see a post line in the news feed for it. So, i'll post here.

UBI, class A work. I was really concerned w/the TEAM aspect of GR because that's what Ghost Recon is ALL ABOUT! TEAM & the MISSION. Technology later! Ubi, you stepped it up: destructible terrain, excellent intell gathering, cover-system, simple, believable multipurpose drones, believable team work, good communicaiton between team members, decently acceptable optical camo for a game and now I see the use of Gun Smith, which at first sight, I thought was super stupid, now it makes sense as long as its use is actually important for real game play.

On-Line, I hope your scoring system ranks players on how well they play as a team and totally trashes Lone Range tactics. PERIOD! TEAM OR DIE.

UBI, you set yourself up for MORE GR:Future Recon add-on packs and missions with this system. This shooter is what we've all been waiting for and the wait these past years has been worth it. You've really out-shined your competition, bided your time and release GR:FS at the right time.

Thank you.

And GR Fans who kept the faith, my hat's off to you, too.

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