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*.xmb files


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maybe it is not something new but i have found a way to create xmb files.

What xmb has inside? Those files have nothing more like just hexadecimal description of xml files, I think the game makers did it to enhance game performance, but i'm not sure.

When I was creating my last map, i created xmb files and removed all xml (well almost all world_info stay where it was). I was really surprised when the map started without any problem :blink::wacko:

But i didn't noticed any changes in mission speed.

The bad thinkg is that someone, who will have a pressure to look inside map scripts, will see only 00 ad a1 00 bb and that kind of things.

How to gnerate those:


C:\Program Files\UBISOFT\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

is a file called:


inside this file is code:

<!-- Set all compile flags to false when running bundled version -->

<compile xml="false" scripts="false" mopps="false" texture_db="false"/>


do exactly contrary to description (set all on true) and you will have texture_db - which you will have to remove because it will generate filename issue at game start, you will have props xmb files generated automatically - which you will have to remove because of game crashing (at_mine f. ex. after detonate a mine my game crashed)

and all xml files converted to xmb xD

I don't think if someone of you will use it, but i think it is interesting to post here :unsure:



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I think there is a way to generate the XMB files when you create the bundle file, never tried it though.

TBH, unless you have some huge scripts (never had any problems with 3000+ lines in mine) I don't think that we would notice any difference in performance between the XML and the XMB files.

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