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Mods wont work


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Hi Mountbatten,

What is your version of GR? (bottom right of main menu screen). You will prolly need at least 1.3 for most mods now.

Also ensure you have the required map packs active for the particular mod ie; DS and\or IT.

Failing that make a copy of your Ike.log immediately after the crash and email it to the mod author.

Cheers Jack :)

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As Jack57 said the greatest part of the new mod need patch 1.3, sometimes also 1.4.

Take care that instead many old mods don't work with the new patch 1.3.

I think RSE should make a new version 1.5 to correct this since the really good improvements taken with patch 1.3 forces us to forget our young age with those mods (example: Free Russia, The dam, a couple of mission of Black Sun and many more) :(

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