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Bit of a scoop here, sounds promising for the matchmaking system to be used in Ghost Recon Online.

Our sources have revealed that Ubisoft's free to play shooter will have matchmaking technology originating from the artificial intelligence boffins at the University of Montreal, Canada, Computer Science Department.

The team there have developed an advanced matchmaking algorithm that goes beyond simply comparing players skill levels in an attempt to achieve a balanced game. Using several data sources from player accounts, the new system is designed to offer players a fuller more fun experience than would normally be achieved by simply pitting similarly rated players against each other.

Additionally, in Ghost Recon Online there will be a major emphasis on player profiles, going beyond what would normally be associated with player accounts. This should provide a more rewarding experience for players.

The combination of improved player profiles and advanced match making algorithms should make for challenging, enjoyable and interesting games for players of all levels.

No doubt this will require tweaking as Ghost Recon Online grows, but it certainly sounds like a good start!

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Neato! One of my comments in the first beta was that with all the metrics a Developer/Publisher is able to collect on its Fans game performance eg. Battlelog, why wasn't this stuff being used to make better more carefully matched games... Be cool to see what they've come up with in GR:O, are any little birds hinting at when that might be?


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