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Deadliest Pixels - Ghost Recon Miniseries


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I got bored so I started this miniseries I was working on awhile back. It was inspired by the TV series Deadliest Warrior. I take factions from GR mods and pit them against each other. I do tests with each weapon from each faction and then to decide the winner, I put a four man team from each faction against each other on three different maps to make sure they don't win by luck. The faction that gets best out of three battles gets 10 points, and for each weapon 'edge' they get 5 points. I add up their combat points, e.g. the Taliban have a total of 13 in this episode, so if the Taliban won the battle, got 2 edges, and had 13 points, they would end up with 33 points in total at the end. The winner is the one with the most points. If any of you modders have a problem with me using your actors in the video, just tell me and I'll take the video down. I didn't figure anyone would mind as I was advertising your mods, not reusing them or anything. Enjoy.

EPISODE I - CENTCOM Taliban vs. Rockall Special Reaction Force (SRF)


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Cool. I'm curious as to how you made these videos... anyway of "free cam" without modding? What about just setting up two AI teams with specific stats? Not sure how to do any of that myself without modding (which I don't know how to do either).

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Yeah, you can download the cheat program Ballistx -- I know this sounds bad but I ONLY use it for making videos. The only thing I've ever used in it was the floating cam view. I removed it from my hard drive when I was done.

PM me for more details.

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Hey there! 2 things:

Ilike your vid but:

As presentation i think you should present each soldier so its like:

Taliban 1 -



etc and then have a picture of him?


I better like if you we're following one unit like the Rockall troop, and then if they spot something like a enemy, take the cam to the other guys (Talibans), etc ?

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I missed this the first time around. Never sen anything quite like this before, it's really good.

I have so many unfinished GR movie projects that I know how much time and effort it takes to put this type of thing together so good job Riley, awesome stuff.

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