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Only Dead Men Fight Fair Wallpapers

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Getting back into the wallpaper and Graphic making part of life when it comes to this game.

I conjured up these two not long ago, i don't think I've shown them yet. they both use the same quote (the one from a recent GRFS trailer) hence why they are together.



Feel Free to comment. :thumbsup:

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Sry for ignorance here, I thought these where new piccys you found scowering the net.

Very nice. 2nd takes me first as I like the color straight away, but the more I look bk at the 1st, I like it more because it is simple, but has a deep explosive look to it.

Really nice work. :)

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:rofl: nahh been brushing up on the graphic design skills, i've felt the need as of late, me being the easily distracted numpty that i am.

and thanks, glad you like them, the first one always seemed to get my preference simply because it looks okay after hours of annoyance with photoshop XD

Hey does anyone know where to get the TangoCharlieBold Font? it' been annoying me trying to find it :P

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