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Campaign Guerrero


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I have begun creating a new map from stock landscapes.

One of the landscapes -- the name escapes me at the moment -- includes an industrial plant next to a river. Across the river is a fence which stretches the length of the map.

Is there some way to remove the fence programmatically, or is that feature something I have to work around.

Thanks in advance if you reply.

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I had the same problem when I made a mission on that map.

If I'm right your problem is when you select the fencing and hit the delete button nothing happens but there is a way to delete them.

Ok, this will take some time but if you select each fence and give it a name (use something unique to that map like your name), once you have named each fence save the map in the editor then open the world.xml and do a search for the name you gave the fence, highlight it and delete it from there.

Each static prop will have a opening <unit name tag and a close tag </unit>

It will look something like this:

<unit name="shanty_fence_05m" unit_id="191" name_id="none" cover_off="false">

<position pos_x="6969.8105" pos_y="-25836.102" pos_z="309.38348"/>

<rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="169.00075"/>


Delete the entire prop starting from <unit name and ending with </unit> you need to do this with each fence you named.

Hope that helps,


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It should be selectable, make sure you are in the correct sub-level of the static layer.

From the static layer press Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+2 then see if you can select the fence.

For one of my missions I removed the entire fence so it is possible.

Oh well, at least you have found a workaround. :thumbsup:

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I managed to work the map as far as starting as a coop game. There is a problem.

The map has no detail. The buildings and the ground look smooth, like a photo was taken with high contrast film. Everything else works fine as far as I can tell.

Below is what the map looks like:


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From what I can see in your picture it looks like you are not loading the correct textures.

When you make a new map you need to list all the textures needed for that particular landscape and what ever buildings you are using, all textures are defined in the texture_scope.xml.

Take a look at some of my maps to see how it's done. :thumbsup:

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