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These are some threads that have accumulated over time at the top of this forum.

I will post the thread Title, Sub Title and the very first post. If a discussion followed, then I will provide a link to the original thread. I'm just trying to clean up our forums and make things more effiecient.

Also worth noting: These are in NO SPECIFIC ORDER. Just the way I found them when they were pinned. I also left some things pinned because they did not apply here. If you have any questions, contact me via PM.


Member Rankings, How you earn your Title!

Membership of these forums is split into 5 main Groups.
  • Administrators
  • Staff
  • Consultants
  • GR.net Supporters
  • Members

Administrators are the guys maintaining the Forum.

Staff are members who work for GR.net producing reports etc

Consultants are members with special skills recruited to assist with specific areas. They are also Forum Moderators, so don't annoy them.

GR.net Supporters are upgraded Members who have donated to keep us online. They have special forum features open to them such as Posting Polls, Deleting their own post, opening and closing their discussions. Oh, and a neat badge. They also get access to a hidden forum where mods are released ahead of public releases, and some downloads are available off the GR.net server instead of Fileplanet. They also get free storage space and access to a system for uploading images and files to the space. More details here.

Members are the fans - the people we run this forum for.

Members are awarded Titles which are earned by post count. Posting messages just to increase your post count is frowned upon, don't abuse this feature!

Posts     Title


0001...Recruit......3rd Class 

0051...Recruit......2rd Class 

0126...Recruit......1st Class 

0201...Scout........3rd Class 

0276...Scout........2nd Class

0351...Scout........1st Class 

0501...Pointman..3rd Class 

0801...Pointman..2nd Class

1101...Pointman..1st Class 

1501...Ghost........3rd Class

1901...Ghost........2nd Class  

2501...Ghost........1st Class

Have fun!

Original Topic

Signature Pictures, must be 480 x 100 or less

[3.9] Signature Images Please keep these images to a reasonable size, less than 480x100 pixels and preferably below 50Kb in size, and 4 lines in length for text sigs. This is for the benefit of users on a slow connection and to reduce scrolling.

straight out of the forum rules.

Warnings by Staff have been ignored by members or members have replaced their oversized signature pictures with other pictures that are still outside of the allowed dimensions. Because of this increase in the number of members that are breaking this rule or ignoring the warnings and because we cannot have Staff spend their time following up on members that don't heed their warnings, from now on members will receive only one warning. If this warning is not followed up by the member that receives it by changing the picture to the allowed size within 48 hours we will proceed to disable the signature picture from the member's profile without further warnings.

We would appreciate if everyone could check your signature picture and make sure that it's not over the allowed size, saving Staff the time and effort to send out warnings.

We are doing it for the benefit of those on slower connections, and to reduce the amount of scrolling required to read a thread. It is a feature for fans to enjoy, don't abuse it and spoil other members enjoyment of the forums.

Thank you

GR.net Staff

Original Topic

Announcement - READ, signature lengths

The setting for length of signature text has been modified.  Some signatures have gotten out of hand in length.  Because of the way the setting works in the admin control panel, if your signature is too long it will not automatically be trimmed. 

If your signature is more than 3-4 lines of text, please manually go in and change it immediately.  This will help us out and save us a lot of time.  There will be a couple day grace period, then moderators will start deleting signatures that are too long.

The current setting is just a trial -- it may be shortened further or lengthened without prior notice.

Thanks for your cooperation in this.

Original Topic

Forum Alterations, Check here for changes to Forum Features

Feature : Messenger

Change : Saving Sent Copies

When sending a message the forum used to keep a copy in your "sent" folder by default. This is now off, in order to save a message you must specifically tick the check box at the foot of the Messenger.

This will help stop your messengers filling up too quickly.

Original Topic

Welcome to our NEW forums!, ... Cool New Feature List

After being hacked and losing all our 60,000+ posts from our old forums we are back, with improved forum technology  :D

I want to state a public thank you to the guys who helped me get these forums up again, in particular Jester, Super Bob, Daywanderer, Whiteknight, and Yodasplat - who all performed some behind the scenes tasks to help with the forum rebuild.

Feel free to post a new topic in this forum whenever you find a useful forum feature!

Original Topic

Curse Words, Swear Filter

There is a swear filter in these forums for a reason. If you try and bypass the swear filters by using other means to make a post, Moderators and Staff will be editing them. You get one edit then possible banishment from these forums for repeated offences.

Remember that minors do come here and such language will not be tolerated.

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