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[where is the server located ?]


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i was wondering where the xbox360 graw2 multiplayer server is located so that i could prove a point about lag to him. we live in Washington and my father allays clams people are lag switching or that he himself is lagging because of our Comcast internet. i would like to know the location and specs of the server for reference. thanks for the help :thumbsup:

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I was sure that they used more than one server for these types of games. Someone told me recently that half of the GRAW 2 servers had been "ripped out" for other games or for the upcoming release of GR:FS. Dunno, that's is just what I heard. I hear a lot of things on XBOX.

As for the "lag switching", it is true that people use them or interference cables or cable splicing. Some even admit to it and believe that there is nothing wrong with it and that they should be able to use what ever hardware they like, besides, everyone else is doing it so... I even overheard a conversation between friends about how to use their switches. One was complaining how it doesn't work and just causes him drop from the game and his friend was telling not to hold it down but to flick it on and off instead.

I have just recently deleted and blocked communications from two people on XBL for cheating. One of them turns on his Torrents on his laptop and ramps up the upload wich is probably the easiest way to lagg you connection during a game. The other admitted that he was using a spliced 10 meter coms cable.

I hate cheats, your dad is right and they are doing it. I like my games to look good because I'm a graphics junkie and when the enemy or a teammate is telleporting I get crankry because it's ruining my gaming experience. I hate lagging into crosshairs with my suppressed MP5 everytime a particular gamertag is close by.

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