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PC version officially confirmed !


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Ha you were posting the same time as me Riley so yeah, what he said... :P

When in game the camera view is looking over your shoulder, I prefer how it's done in GR:AW2 where all you see is your gun and arms plus if you look down you see your feet.

IMO, the third person view is like being a parrot on the players shoulder, to me that's very unrealistic.

Sad thing is so many games are adopting this type of camera view these days.

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What's nearly as bad is how all modern FPS depict you as a floating set of arms with a rifle. You look down and you have no body or legs, and the two times that you have a body model is when you are in some cinematic like at the end of MW2 with the knife in you and when you are carried to the Pave Low helicopter and get shot by the General. While it probably saves resources and cuts down on lag, it still is pathetic.

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it looks like I will never play gr:fs

3rd person camera lol maybe next version for pc will be something like diablo II?

I think I'll stay with my gr, graw1 and 2

Before GR I wasn't play games at all, friend of mine show me the GR and most interesting in this game for me was realistic, first GR one shot one down, same to player from AI, then came graw1 plus recoil, but picking up ammo lol it was weird for me, now it looks like the gr:fs will be no different than other shooters...

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OMG i had'nt thought of that :blink: perhaps the UK aint getting GR:FS :wall: only the rest of the world

GRFS for PC can be pre-ordered from amazon.co.uk. I think I'll end up buying the version as well. Localised amazons throughout Europe tend to offer only localised versions accordingly to a country they service. This kinda sucks.

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Ok, I've cleaned this thread out by removing the off topic posts.

Can we all please keep to the discussion in hand and try not to wind each other up. :rolleyes:

Please give some thought to other posters on this site as for some of them English is not their native language as is the case with hezi69.

Many thanks. :thumbsup:

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i'm sure there will be a BETA for PC it would be a bit stupid if there wasn't let's put it that way.

and as for the third person, there has been an option in GRAW and GRAW 2 to turn to classic view, i'm sure it will be the same with FS.

and for moddability, there was a thread a while back saying that there will be no SDK for GRFS which if i'm right in saying, means no moddability :/

just noticed something...


crap Photoshop job anyone?

Edited by Zeealex
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