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PC version officially confirmed !

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Absolutely excellent news indeed! :thumbsup:

A very surprising (and equally welcome!) development to see the U(bisoft)-turn towards PC gamers once again. While I'm not at all getting my hopes up to find a valid GR successor in Future Soldier, I am mildly optimistic that this change might hint at (please, everyone hold on to something now!) a reinstatement of some common sense at Ubisoft headquarters.

Who knows, if they finally managed to do ONE thing right, they could actually end up doing yet ANOTHER thing right some day! :)

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The issue of it being true that Ubisoft weren't going to release GRFS for the PC is debatable. In one instance, the article by PC gamer last year could've easily been a bit of a publicity stunt to get a reaction of support for the game onto the platform, with the intention for release being there all the time in the background. Conversely, in an interview with 'I Am Alive' producer Stanislas Mettra and then the quick rebuttal of those comments by him shortly (and happening at the same time) after give rise to the fact that if the original article in PC gamer of GRFS being "only available to consoles" weren't true, then why didn't Ubisoft quickly backtrack and correct those comments either too. We'll never really know...

In any case, I think a big congratulations should be given to each and every person who read of the news last year and expressed a public comment towards their support for the platform on the multitude of gaming websites, petition sites, social networking and youtube channels. Be those comments constructive, intelligent, offensive or otherwise, if it weren't for that overwhelming reaction, I doubt we'd be getting such news now. I also find it all too coincidental of this decision being reached shortly after a recent article by Gabe Newell about how important it is for gaming companies to listen to their customers. Love or hate him (& Steam), you can't deny that comments like this from someone like Gabe who is A) successful in what he does and B) is respected among other game devs in the industry do infact carry weight and are shared within the gaming industry extremely quickly. I'm sure assurances were given to Ubisoft by him over the security of his platform for distribution of such software, I don't see how it can be done any other way. Ubisoft is one of Steam's major software publishing clients, to lose releasing GRFS on that platform would be a huge blow to them since EA's take down of Crysis 2.

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Yes, what shadowblade said; I was a bit taken aback by what seemed to be Rocky trivializing what has been valid Fan doubt and concern -- the very thing that has them as such ardent franchise Fans. Even though I'm with the majority here that feel this probably won't be any sort of coup for the Ghost Recon 'franchise' (and I'd love to be wrong and surprised); I regard this is as a win for the PC platform which has been under constant pressure of being marginalized. The YETI engine is very cool, so it will be especially nifty GR:FS takes advantage of the substantial headroom even rather nominal PCs have to offer over and above consoles.


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Oh and to everyone who previously said "Why would they release GR:FS for the PC when the PC was already getting GR:Online"...

Only one thing to say....


Hehe Rocky, you, ghostrecon.net and all GR fans really deserve a full new Ghost Recon title, thats awesome ! :thumbsup:

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Yes, what shadowblade said; I was a bit taken aback by what seemed to be Rocky trivializing what has been valid Fan doubt and concern -- the very thing that has them as such ardent franchise Fans.

Oh God, grow a sense of humour, it was a lighthearted jibe on a day of joyious news.

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The biggest question is:

Is GRFS for PC a port of the console version or a different build all together.

The next biggest question is:

Who is making the PC version.

The biggest question is totally subjective here, for instance...U-Play OSP, the neon-blue situational Hula Hoops, the security blanket/invisiblity cloak, the mini-missiles, the HULK, the RC-piloted weapons systems, the 4 man Co-Op limit, the sheer amount of us who will pirate the thing in the first place, and on and on ad nauseam.


Oh God, grow a sense of humour, it was a lighthearted jibe on a day of joyious news.

Curb your enthusiasm, Rocky.


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hey for all

ubisoft and redsorm do ghost recon future soldier

come for the pc/ xbox360/ps3/psp as ghost recon preador and ghost recon for wii

and for all the pc fans out there yes they do ghost recon future soldier for pc in a late date

and no matter for ghost recon online because its diffrent game

they will do the game for pc because you saw the video and the newest and lastest arctile of it :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::rolleyes::rolleyes: see you guys in the game

sent me comments


they do it for main campain

coop and multiplaer!

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hezi, if you start calling people names on here you will face having your account suspended or a possible ban.

All the off topic and offensive posts have been deleted.

hezi take a look at the first post here by Rocky.

It states that Ubisoft has confirmed there will be PC version so there is no need to keep posting that you think it will happen, I think we all know now that by now. :thumbsup:

Riley, please bear in mind the response you may get before calling people names, although Hezi's response was a little harsh you did set yourself up for the reply.

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Initially, the title of a Ghost Recon release was revealed to be Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator by an OFLC release However in December 2009, "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" was trademarked by Ubisoft, raising speculation that this could be the name for the upcoming Ghost Recon 4. This was subsequently confirmed by an official announcement. On August 16, 2010, it was announced that a separate PlayStation Portable release would be titled Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator
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hezi69, I have deleted another post in this thread by you which was almost identical to the one above.

Please try to stay on topic, your post has nothing to do with the ongoing discussion.

If you want to tell us how much you like our forums then you can start a new thread in the Site Feedback forum. :thumbsup:

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Same situation here Hezi, I'm a PC only gamer, I do have an old PS3 but have no intention of getting a new one.

It goes without saying that I'm exited about the news that we will get GR:FS for the PC but I also agree with Hammer, I do hope they drop the third person view.

Either way I will be placing my order.

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