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Game has been pushed back to may


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I really hope that this is the last time that ubisoft moved this game to another date (Grrrrr <_< ) !!! !! !

and I hope that in this extra time that we have to wait longer, that ubisoft shows os some new gameplay videos from GRFS !! !

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Such a frustrating game...

So many delays and such secrecy..

I gave up on the whole bring back classic ghosts a while back...

the 2010 footage looked interesting enough....

the 2011 game we have now looks like a good enough game, but so many things just jump out and draw attention..

-ghosts look more like private military contractors

-elite covert unit with patches and flags..

-the new cover system screams Gears of War (roadie run included), not a big fan of the way they carry their weapon aiming up in the air as they run either.

-the cover system seems to be dictating level design... (I accused Gears of War of being a low wall simulator), Future soldier gives off the same vibe.

-the augmented reality stuff really clutters up the screen...not as bad as diamonds but annoying all the same...even the crosshairs are garish and unsightly.

-the 2010 build looked "new" the current build looks more in line with being an upgraded graw.

Anyhow, im sure most here in the community have voiced similar opinions...as a gamer I hope for the best...heres hoping all the secrecy eventually reveals a competent game...

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