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PC version available for Pre-order!

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EB Games have started taking pre-orders for the as yet unconfirmed Ghost Recon Future Soldier PC Version.

Reported by Atomic Computing with photographic proof, EB Games were quizzed and "...insists its legit."

A mistake? Unlikely, but I'd like to see Amazon list it (again) before getting to excited in advance of Ubisoft finally making it official.

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it's official, but it's most likely going to be a port, if i'm honest. all i'm thinking right now is WOOT!!

i couldn't care less if they delayed it, it's worth it.

see all it needed was me threatening to get a new xbox360 i knew that would happen, I’d get a new one and they'd announce it on PC, sod law that! XD

still gonna get it on the xbox...

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Nice to finally have official word on the PC version, still have no idea why it took so long. I don't like that the console beta is only 1 month before release, too late to use the BETA as a bug catching phase or to actually use any user feedback. Great news though!

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